365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 206

Well today was a great day! I found out from my editor, Amber Losson that I will be able to put more pictures in my new book due out soon; SALSA! THE TASTE OF LIFE. You see, I also like to paint and I was going to include some of my art work already.  I can have more of my art work married to my poems and stories in the  new book I am so excited about. I can’t stop ranting about it. And I can’t wait to share it with the world! Enjoy today’s post, it’s also another one of my edited poems from my book. I Love it when a plan comes together; and what I love more, is when a dream becomes reality!

Heart Song


So we meet again,

and I see that love,

True love, the deep achy kind

is never for naught.

To love another human being

is truly divine

Whether the beloved

Accepts it or not…

Or if it’s something you fought.


Ignoring it

does not degrade or demean;

Love is pure gold.

It never loses its value.

Instead, the more you love,

its market value soars.

So if I tell you, “Te quiero,”

and you run off

scared and bewildered,

is that my fault?

I used to think so,

and now I’m convinced otherwise.



I gave you some gold from my vault

and gave it freely.

With no strings attached?

Sure. No frills, really!

You couldn’t handle my freedom

And do you know why?

Because what I’ve always given

Is something you’ve never, ever had.



Love must be chosen;

It can never be forced,

for once it’s coerced,

it ceases being love.

Love is a dove

Perched high up above.

Once you hunt it,

trap it, and cage it,

you kill its sweet song



So here I am again,

Offering you what I did

all those many years ago,

and you still do as before.

Stand still as if paralyzed

by the warmth of my fuego,

No seas tonto niño

Esto no es un juego…

Games are for children!



So I’ve decided to be still,

give you all the space,

hide my radiant face

from you…

‘til you wake up

and come to your senses

and answer the call.




Otherwise if I manipulate

guilt and coerce,

what I’ve always felt

will lose purity and intensity

and then I’ll be left

with something far lesser,

cheap and of no value;

Fool’s gold.



All that glitters is not gold.

My love for you

doesn’t just glitter;

it sparkles and shines.

It lights up my days

and gives me warmth

on the cold, coldest of nights.

If this wasn’t real,

it would have

by now vanished…



But to prove it to you

as if I need to at all,

the love in my heart

that only keeps growing

one day at a time

will always keep glowing…

whether you like it or not!

Love endures, love never ends.



If this was selfish,

I would have done all I could

in my feeble power and strength

to cause the bending of our wills.



But true love is beyond all

that useless struggle and striving.

For you see:

To truly love someone

is to be more concerned

with the state of their soul,

instead of being impressed

by their fancy outward

display of their flesh.



When love is true,

all self-centered motives go out the door.

And you see the object of your affection

just as you see yourself;

Cold, needy, and poor.



Take all your time…

Ha! Been feeling like this

for so very long

that it’s now turned

from letters on a page

to my heart’s song.

Don’t misunderstand;

this friendship of ours,

it’s quite grand.

I will never let you go.



I am not looking for answers,

not even your look of approval,

much less your acceptance.

Those, I already have.


Just wanted you to know,

I’m no longer touch and go.

Will you allow me to write

on the pages of your heart

things never written before?

Or will you hold me at arm’s length?


Rejection has taught me

A valuable lesson:

Things aren’t always what they seem.

It’s never about me,

in the language of love…

It’s usually about others.

That’s how I’ve learned

of contentment

with very, very little.



The seeds we have sown,

Where have they all gone?

Fiddle dee-dee sang the fiddle…

Now after many long winters,

watch ‘em sprouting.

We were never doubting,

always knowing

we would see the light of day!

-Eva Santiago Copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 116


Rest now sweet child,
don’t be scared,
stay here for a while.
Tired, lonely and sad,
Hush, hush now.
I have you.
I know you.

Rest now my sweet child,
take this love I give,
make it worth your while.
You don’t have to do another thing,
no more proving yourself to me,
stop working so hard,
you don’t have to have to any more.
Rest now my sweet child,
my love for you never runs out.


Everything about you-concerns me.
I know whom you love.
I know your secret longings.
I know every little detail.
I know why you laugh,
when you really want to cry.
Stay here and rest a while.
Hush hush now,
you are my sweet child.

Eva Santiago ©

My daughter does her own rendition of “SAFE and SOUND” by Taylor Swift on this video. Enjoy your Wednesday!


Today I want to remind you that NO MATTER what you’re experiencing right now, that God’s love for us goes deeper than what any of us can fathom. Trials have an interesting way of manifesting God’s love in a more powerful and tangible way. My dear readers and friends I want to encourage you by letting you know that you don’t always have to know why you go through what you go through; just TRUST Him the one who has it all under control. Think about this, trials and adversity are our university where we go, in order to learn who we are in God. TRUST Him even when you’ve no reason to and guess what? You’ll come out stronger in your faith and deeper in your love for Him. I dedicate this video to all of us who are in the midst of trials right now. This was posted to my Facebook wall by my sweet sister and I hope it uplifts you as it did me. Have a great day!




Fear is false evidence appearing real. Think of it, fear lies to you and tries to keep you where you think you’re safe but you’re really not. There are different kinds of fear; there is the healthy fear or respect that you have to teach a young child about not touching a hot stove with their hand or they’ll get burned.

Then there is the fear of God; it’s not that you fear Him because you’re afraid he might squash you like a bug. This fear is more of a respect out of an acknowledgement that HE is God and you’re not.

The kind of fear I’m talking about is the fear that paralyzes a person and keeps them trapped as in a cage.It lies to you telling you not to trust anyone because there’s no good people out there. Another lie it whispers is the “you’re jus not good enough” and “you’ll never be anything”. This kind of fear alienates you and keeps you from forming healthy relationships with others. In the end you end up destroyed by the very thing you feared.

The one thing that conquers fear is LOVE. God is Love; love is God. His perfect love annihilates fear; it renders it obsolete. Did you know that the human brain was wired for love? We were not designed for fear!! SO if you are living afraid it’s because you are allowing fear to rule and not love. It’s so black and white, it’s simple. We either live in hate or in love, but we cannot do both.