Victor Hugo once penned:
“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
With that in mind
Why do we treat our neighbor
As if he were a mere dog?
If we see God in all our neighbors
Why are we so nasty
And forget to do them kind favors

And just who is our neighbor?
At times the ones you live with
Some are friends
Still others, those with whom you labor
Your husband, wife, children you both created
Blood relatives both near and far
These are all our fellow-man
Yet we forget in whose image we were all created

The hobo down the street, without a home,
The druggie, the hooker, the derelict,
The nice clean-cut guy in the business suit,
The soldier fighting his guts out to keep us free
The baby whose life was aborted
The teen girl who tore her baby from her womb from fear
The teen boy who got her pregnant
The rapist, serial killer, the convict ending his life on death row
Yeah, yeah, yeah, these are our fellow-man
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, God weeps when souls are lost
To hell’s eternal flames
And we ought to also weep
‘Cause to lose a soul is too high a cost

How dare we think that we’re better than another?
“To love another person is to  see the face of God”
We look down our noses and despise each other
It’s become a world where dog bites dog
We have lost direction in every way
When a child beats his father and spits on his own mother
I believe God’d own heart weeps
And when we make God cry
May we for His grace and mercy cry.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


A girl at school was just kicked off the soccer team because another class mate complained to the school officials that said girl would not be friends with her. Now the school officials are accusing the swimmer for being a bully. Who is the real bully here?

I just recently was kicked out of a church. Yes, you are reading correctly! My family and I are not allowed to come back to a certain church because I refused the pastoral counseling being offered to me. That was the main reason for our having been banned from this church. The other reasons are of no lesser significance: I was also told that the pastor did not like some of my views on this blog. Hello! The 1st Amendment guaranteeing my rights to freedom of speech were infringed upon. Lastly I was  told by this same man that my husband and I had to meet up with some key people he had already designated for us because we needed to learn from these people how to be “Godly parents”. Apparently this pastor is under the impression, that after  raising 4 great kids together for the past 22 years that we’ve been married, we haven’t a clue as to what we’re doing. 

Folks, when your kids were younger did you ever try to pick out their friends for them? That’s crazy right? So how can a school and a pastor even think that they have any say in whom a child or two adults choose to associate with? It’s a MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD and that madness has creeped into some churches.

Perhaps the best thing this pastor did by banning us from attending his church was to spare us any further hurt by him. Now THAT’S a silver lining on my cloud!


Today I want to remind you that NO MATTER what you’re experiencing right now, that God’s love for us goes deeper than what any of us can fathom. Trials have an interesting way of manifesting God’s love in a more powerful and tangible way. My dear readers and friends I want to encourage you by letting you know that you don’t always have to know why you go through what you go through; just TRUST Him the one who has it all under control. Think about this, trials and adversity are our university where we go, in order to learn who we are in God. TRUST Him even when you’ve no reason to and guess what? You’ll come out stronger in your faith and deeper in your love for Him. I dedicate this video to all of us who are in the midst of trials right now. This was posted to my Facebook wall by my sweet sister and I hope it uplifts you as it did me. Have a great day!


Sheepish Sheep

people are strange
when you’re a stranger
faces look ugly
when you’re alone – “People are Strange“- Echo and the Bunnymen

People are strange, I have to agree with the lyrics I posted above. I recently attended a church picnic  and there is one thing I do on purpose whenever I go to social functions of this type; I completely avoid the pastors, I go as far as not even making eye contact with them.  Hold on before you go on and think it weird and maybe even a bit anti-social of me. Here’s why I behave in such a different manner. I always see people hanging around the pastors and expecting them to be Jesus 24/7. Consider this: Could it be pastors show up to enjoy the food and revelry just like everybody else? Some people just don’t understand that a pastor cannot always be in the Spirit; God‘s leaders have needs too!

A long time a go , when I was new to the things of God and to the ways of church, one evening I received a very interesting and unexpected phone call, from the pastor’s wife from the church I was regularly attending. She said she was calling to thank me. I was ransacking my brain trying to figure out what I had done for this woman since we hardly spoke to each other. Then she continued to say that she was thanking me for not bleeding the ministry. WOW! I had never heard such words. She explained that people like my husband and I were a joy for any ministry to have  around because we weren’t always calling on them for help.  She thanked me once more and then she hung up.Those few words blew me away because even as a new Believer, I always knew not to take advantage of those people God places in my life to bless me.  That brief conversation has stayed with me all these years later.

People: Stop being so selfish and understand that God’s leaders need you to bless them back to0 now and then. They are the ones who are up at all hours pacing the floor for you and covering you in prayer. They are the ones who freely give of their time and talents to feed and nurture you. They are the ones who study God’s word so you can have a fresh message each week. Some of them sacrifice a lot just for you! Next time you go to church, instead of wondering what does the good ‘ol pastor have for ME today? Why not go there and ask God to show you what YOU can do for the man of God? You know, sometimes all these people  need is a kind word of encouragement, a hug or maybe just a warm smile from you. Something that will show them that they are appreciated and cared for. When was the last time you prayed for your pastor and those in authority over you? They need just as much prayer as everybody else.

The way I see it,  pastors are some what like presidents; they have been put in charge of many things and they can not do it alone. They need the support of those they lead. Without our prayers our leaders suffer many attacks that could have easily been avoided had they been prayed for.

Now, I ‘ve seen some people in leadership positions who won’t let you bless them; whether they receive it or not is not your concern. Lots of times pride will keep them from accepting a blessing. Don’t worry, do it anyway and let The Boss deal with them 🙂

And the hands of Moses became heavy. And they took a stone and put it under him. And he sat on it. And Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one from this and one from that side. And his hands were steady until the going of the sun.   Exodus 17:12

Having Done Everything: STAND!

This is the place for me,

this is where I have to be.

What is my life without you in it?

What would I be if you aren’t beside me?

Where would I go?

Look my way God and don’t release me.

Look my way and take away this pain.

Look my way and let me feel,

the very blood for which you were slain.

Look my way, let me know you’re there

look my way, let me know you care.

Look my way, hold my hand

look my way, I wanna run with you on the soft sand.

Look my way, help me feel the joy

my joy in your salvation.

Don’t ever relax your hold on me.

Don’t ever relax your hold on my family.

Don’t ever relax your hold on all the souls here.

Without you I am but a vapor;

here today and gone the next.

So here I am:




Fear is false evidence appearing real. Think of it, fear lies to you and tries to keep you where you think you’re safe but you’re really not. There are different kinds of fear; there is the healthy fear or respect that you have to teach a young child about not touching a hot stove with their hand or they’ll get burned.

Then there is the fear of God; it’s not that you fear Him because you’re afraid he might squash you like a bug. This fear is more of a respect out of an acknowledgement that HE is God and you’re not.

The kind of fear I’m talking about is the fear that paralyzes a person and keeps them trapped as in a cage.It lies to you telling you not to trust anyone because there’s no good people out there. Another lie it whispers is the “you’re jus not good enough” and “you’ll never be anything”. This kind of fear alienates you and keeps you from forming healthy relationships with others. In the end you end up destroyed by the very thing you feared.

The one thing that conquers fear is LOVE. God is Love; love is God. His perfect love annihilates fear; it renders it obsolete. Did you know that the human brain was wired for love? We were not designed for fear!! SO if you are living afraid it’s because you are allowing fear to rule and not love. It’s so black and white, it’s simple. We either live in hate or in love, but we cannot do both.