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I never go to political rallies of any kind, it just doesn’t interest me. Today, my youngest daughter Raquel talked me into going to hear Ann Romney speak. She even prompted me by asking if I could count our outing  as part of her history class and I agreed. 

I am so glad I went to this rally! When we arrived there it was crowded and hot in that building. Excitement was in the air and I was blessed to see that my almost 12-year-old was happy to be there. The rally didn’t last long and as the crowd thinned we went outside. After a few minutes of sitting in front of The Romney blue and white bus, Raquel told me she wanted to go back in to get Mrs. Romney’s autograph. So back in we went.

This time luck was on our side because she was still taking pictures with people. We made our way to the front and suddenly I grabbed my proof copy of Salsa! The Taste of Life, and I gave it to Raquel to have the future first lady sign it. We waited for a bit and she finally saw my girl waving and calling out, ” Mrs. Romney , please sign my mom’s book!” Mrs. Romney looked at her and smiled and then she took the book from her small hands. The security guard standing beside Mrs. Romney brusquely grabbed it and flipped quickly through the pages and then he handed my book back so she could sign it. That was the last thing Mrs. Romney signed, then  they whisked her away to meet other people.

As we walked home, Raquel beamed with pride saying this was the BEST history class she ever had. I am so proud of her at this moment for having talked me into it!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


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Ok with all of the bad things that are happening in our world today it is very. very easy to start complaining and stay negative. I challenge you to grab a journal, small or large it doesn’t matter; and begin to take note of anything good and positive that happens to you in your day; whether it was something big or small, jot it down and name your journal My BRIGHT SPOT LOG. I began to do this a long time ago and it does help a person to keep focused on the good things in life. Caution: You have to be willing to tune into your life and keep your eyes and ears open to all of the blessings that are sent your way. BEWARE: Keeping a daily record of the bright spots in your day will cause you to smile and be thankful. One last thought: As you read back on your journal, you’ll see how God so does care about you and that will strengthen your trust in Him.

I will start mine here to give you an idea of how easy this is 🙂 GO!!!


I went to the gym with Heidi and Elena.

I helped  Mamacita start her blog!     

My husband is fixing the car so the breaks won’t go out on us.

My 4 kids went to your group last night at church and when they all came back they said they had a good time in God’s Presence.

Heidi turned me on to Bar-B-Cue Chicken Pizza..talk about YUMMMM.

Raquel was given so many clothes she had to empty out her closet so she could make room for the new clothes.

See..it’s THAT easy to be thankful and you’ll put a smile on God’s face because He loves it when His people thank Him!