Hello everyone! My week stay in Atlanta was wonderful! I have photos to post up from my 2 book signings for SALSA!. They will be up soon. Now, I am happy to announce I’ll be having another book signing at the Book Boutique located on 19 W. Pacific Ave. Henderson, NV. So please mark Saturday, February 23rd on your calendar because I want to see you there from 12 to 2pm.

Salsa high res cover

Vegas Valley Book Festival 2012

I participated in this year’s Vegas Valley Book Festival today! My books didn’t come in yet so I didn’t have any to sell at this event. So I had some flyers made up and I went there anyway to enjoy the day, meet new people and get the word out about Salsa! the Taste of Life, my new book. I don’t let anything stop me!

As it turned out, I am glad I went and there was a happy surprise! I was able to read excerpts from Salsa! in front of a captive audience. I love it when things fall together better than when I plan them . I call that serendipity. Here are some pictures from the event. I plan to attend the next one in 2013 and I am sure I will have books to sell then. “When life hands me lemons, I bake a lemon merengue pie!!” -Eva 😀

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012












I Like How it Feels!!

I’ve been pouring over my proof copy of SALSA! The Taste of Life, my new book coming out soon to your local bookstores. It occurred to me that I am in a great place in my life right now ! Then this song popped in my head and so I had to share it with you, my amazing audience. So now I’ll get back to some more weeding out of last minute typos! HAPPY LABOR DAY 🙂


365 Snap Shots of Life Day: 204

 Salsa! The Taste of Life, my new book is soon to be released and here is another one of my edited poems. Life is a dance! Some of us move and flow with the music. Others have a hard time following or even keeping up at all. Enjoy your day with your loved ones as you read this poem ask yourself, when was the last time I really let my hair down and danced? If you haven’t, and it’s been a while, just go for it. if you are like me who is still dancing after everything life has thrown at me, then grab someone’s hand who hasn’t danced in a while and dance! 

Dancin’ Shoes

Pointe Shoes


Teach me Your dance,

show me Your steps.

Put Your rhythms in my feet,

make me follow Your beat,

make me follow Your lead.

I want to dance to the sounds,

of Your holy music.

You initiated this pas de deux long ago;

Pas de Deux

as You formed me in seclusion.

I’m just now awakening,

to the joyous serenade.

All my life I waited and waited,

for the dance to commence.

It began on the day that You took my hand,

and invited me to dance;

now I know I will tango, mambo,


paso doble,

Paso Doble


Salsa Dance

my way into eternity.

I will not be a mere guest,

because I am already a member in this heavenly ball!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

J.O.W.K. (journal of an over worked kid)

J.O.W.K. (journal of an over worked kid)

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it! I go to a dance studio 7 , yes SEVEN days a week. I am taking ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, ball room,lyrical, voice lessons and piano lessons. I go to school for 8 hours a day and then I’m in the studio 4 hours after school. Not only that, I am part of the competition team and we train everyday. I almost regret the day I showed my mom I could dance; there was a song on the radio, I was 2 and I had just taken my first few steps earlier that week. My mom came in my room and she freaked out when she saw me shaking my booty and singing along to “Hit Me Baby” by Britney Spears .

So the next day she signed me up for dance lessons at a dance studio not too far from our home. I have to admit, at first all the attention was fun. The costumes I had to wear for my first recitals were pretty cute too and I felt like a princess in a fairy tale.

It’s been 14 years since that day when my mom discovered I had some talent and I am past fed up. My mom doesn’t really have a life of her own; I almost feel that she’s living her dreams of being a performer through me and I resent her for it everyday. She has gotten really demanding lately because she thinks I’m being lazy; when in fact I have lost some of the flexibility I had when I was younger, due to my body changing and maturing. So now she’s suggested I take diet pills to control my appetite. I hate where I am in my life and go to sleep dreaming of the day when I can walk away from all of this chaos and just be a normal kid.

So I’m posting this video, my friends and I made it. It’s a spoof that describes how I feel inside but I’m afraid to tell my mom. 

Talk to you later…thanks for listening, I’m glad someone does,