Blind Man’s Braille Part 4

We are all such spoiled brats

Never content with what we have

Always wanting more and more

Seldom appreciating what’s at our fingertips

Always taking for granted what’s in the palm of our hands

We yearn for this, that and the other. If we really took in a flower’s scent in our own backyard;feel the delicate petals, velvety and rich on our fingertips

We’d certainly know we’re all royalty awaiting the great awakening

Show me

Show me

Show me heaven

Yeah, it’s all around

Look in my eyes, you’ll see a glimpse of it

The prince and the pauper

The princess and her toad

We’re all royalty awaiting the great awakening

My beauty healed your beast

Your kiss awakened me from a deep coma like slumber

Run away with me and immerse yourself in the unseen

Behold the light of my torch and you’ll no longer be blind

Run away with me and immerse yourself in my dream

Behold the light of my torch and let me blow your mind

When we first kissed I whispered ,” I wanna lose myself in you…”

Inundate yourself in my being

Indeed, we’re all royalty here!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013







Beautiful woman that you are
How could it be that you strayed so far
How could it be you never saw
That you are a brightly lit star

Beautiful woman that you are
Why did you walk on
Why didn’t you look in the mirror
Te escondiste en la mar.

Beautiful woman, lovely is your name
You’re all what they say and so much more
Now it’s your time go on and proclaim-
“I’ve changed for the better and I’ll never be the same!”

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013











Word Picture #13

She sits there in the cold
A hooded head
Hair face a wrinkled map
Missing her teeth
She is far from dead

She sits there in the cold
Her tiny frame
Trying to be bold
And she has no one to hold

She sits there in the cold
Her aged eyes
Tell you no lies
Her soul she never sold

She sits there in the cold
Folding her fragile hands
In the folds of her coat
Her life story is hidden in the sands

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

Word Picture #1

Yesterday he told her how stupid she was; not right out with those words. No, the damage he caused her was far worse. He conveyed the message through hateful glares, disgusted looks and intimidating hollers. She could never do right in his eyes. For the thousands of times he belittled her with his actions and words, he’d every now and then scoop her tiny frame in his big arms telling her he loved her. He didn’t see that his millions of insults to her young soul were drowning out his occasional ‘I love yous’.

She started out her life with her daddy as many young girls do; adoring him even to the point of thinking he was a god. Her big, round honey colored eyes were in constant search of him as she waited each day for him to come home after work. She always tried to do something , anything to get his attention. When she couldn’t, she’d do naughty things because he trained her that in order for him to notice her, she had to be bad because her good behavior went  un-noticed by him.

Then one day he had a dream. A shocking yet telling dream. He awoke with a start and was frightened much like a person when they’ve seen a ghost. He said he had seen her face disfigured. Someone had cut up her beautiful face and he couldn’t recognize his little girl. Her lips were so messed up, she couldn’t even smile. He went to a wise sage and inquired of the dream’s meaning. She told him that he was the one disfiguring his daughter’s soul through his mishandling of her . The blind man returned home completely confounded and he never changed his ways with her.

Years passed the adorable little girl turned into a stunning beauty. Everyplace she goes, people seek her light. The young men trip over their own two feet just to make her acquaintance. She is amazing both inside and out. Yet there is a secret she carries in her soul that not too many know of. She is deathly afraid. To look at her you’d never believe it. But upon closer observation you could recognize it if you’ve walked the paths she’s tread on. In her budding soul are the dark markings her father’s emotional abuse and neglect left her with. She is scarred and the blemishes cover up her self-worth. She doesn’t recognize herself. She is much afraid of men because the one put in her life to protect her did anything but. So she hides in the shadows of her tormented past wondering how she’ll ever recover her dignity

Fathers: Be careful how you handle your daughters! They are gifts to you from up above. Love them and be a safe landing-place for their hearts. Protect them from the predator wolves that are out their waiting to snatch them, entangling them with their vicious lies.

-EVA  SANTIAGO copyright 2012


So you may be asking what am I so happy about. Today I have reached 11,000 views for my blog! I want to thank everyone who has ever stopped by to read my blog. You might think what’s the big deal? Well, I like to celebrate success whether it’s big or small, an achievement is an achievement right? Of course right! 😀 So today I leave you with some funny pics and remember to keep going in whatever path you have chosen for yourself because winners never quit and quitters never win!





















365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 181

HELLO BLOG WORLD!! I am exhilarated today for you see, I heard back from my editor and she says I did a superb job on my first round of edits. Umm let’s see, she also congratulated me on a job well done and well, that just about covers it 🙂 Now you get my source of excitement? So I’m sharing an excerpt of my book on this post. I hope you enjoy it and leave me some feed back. As I mentioned on another post, I cannot wait to share it with you. I will have trivia quizzes and other contests where you’ll be able to win a free copy of SALSA! The Taste of Life. Happy Friday!!!