So you may be asking what am I so happy about. Today I have reached 11,000 views for my blog! I want to thank everyone who has ever stopped by to read my blog. You might think what’s the big deal? Well, I like to celebrate success whether it’s big or small, an achievement is an achievement right? Of course right! ūüėÄ So today I leave you with some funny pics and remember to keep going in whatever path you have chosen for yourself because winners never quit and quitters never win!





















365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 91


Along time ago I was going through a rough time and I had a great friend from Texas. Rooster was his name and he had a bigger than life personality. I wondered a lot back in those day when my ship was going to come in. Rooster was a man who had lived live fully and now at the twilight of his life, he was doing his best to love people right where they were. One afternoon I visited him at his RV which was parked across the street from mine. He was having a tough time breathing because the Santa Ana winds were blowing the desert sand everywhere and this was messing with his very bad lungs. “Rooster,” ¬†I asked,” when is my ship going to come in?” He paused, letting my question sink in for a few minutes then he starts laughing. I looked at him laughing with him not sure why but he had a contagious laugh so I couldn’t help it, Then he said,” Well darlin’ I’ve had several come in during¬†my life time only they all¬†ship wrecked later on.” That set us both off and we couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. Then he stood up, his over 6 ft frame filled the 30 ft. trailer he called his home on wheels. He pulled me to him and gave me a big bear hug. I never had gotten hugged from my father so I closed my eyes and imagined that if my own papi was still with me, I’m sure that’s what it would feel like. I dedicate this post to my dear friend Rufus Maxwell AKA ROOSTER. I know you’re in heaven my dear friend and we miss your cock-a-doodle-doos you used to do every morning from your trailer. That seems like a whole other life time ago. Happy Saturday blog world ūüôā

To Join or Not to Join…That is the Question

I attended a local writers group last night. I am venturing out more because my publisher suggested that I connect with other writers in my area  to net work because that will be helpful when I launch my new book, in a few months. The meeting I attended last night was quite informative and yet I came away feeling a bit disconcerted.

During the meeting other writers brought in portions of their work and each writer had a set time to read their work out loud and then the other writers had the chance to critique the work. That was all fine until I noticed how nit-picky some writers were. At times when I felt that what the writer had presented was superb, other writers had a huge difference of opinion from mine. I actually came away feeling a bit bored by all of it. Suddenly I felt as if I was back in school and there went my joy of the writing craft.

John Steinbeck once said that going to school will ruin a great writer. I agree with the man who tried going to college only to never earn a degree. Amazingly after he won the Nobel Prize in Literature, he feared that such an honor usually meant the end of a writer’s career.

Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard.
John Steinbeck

The writer must believe that what he is doing is the most important thing in the world. And he must hold to this illusion even when he knows it is not true.
John Steinbeck

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I also recently read an article that stated that Leo Tolstoy, who wrote WAR and PEACE rewrote that same book 8 different times. I am flabbergasted. Was that really necessary or did he battle with OCD?

Could it be that in all the nit-picking that other writers do, they end up destroying some of their best work? I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this, so please feel free to comment.

I have not decided whether I’m going to join the local writers group. I did enjoy meeting up with a couple of ¬†fellow writers who, based on our conversation, seemed more in touch with reality. ¬†Maybe I’ll just keep my options open and I’ll just drop in on a meeting now and then. I don’t want to join a group where I sense their passion for the craft has grown a bit stale, because I wouldn’t ever want that to rub off on me. It’s already tough being a writer, let alone having to stave off the negative energy of writers more seasoned than me. Writing has always been such a life source for me that I don’t want anyone to dampen it .

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 12

January 12,2012

Childhood is such a carefree time in a person’s life. When my husband and I first me we used to go to the park a lot. We’d pack a pic nic and go. It’s something we still do now that we have kids. Even though our kids are half grown, they still enjoy family outings to the park. A park is where you park it and forget about your troubles and just enjoy your life.

Round n Round

BEWARE: Apparently Love Offends

This world has grown completely insane. A person tries to spread a little love around only to get slapped in the face. A while ago, my oldest daughter tried to be nice to a younger girl who was in line to buy some candy at The Dollar Store. The girl didn’t have enough for her purchase, so my girl gave her a dollar. The other girl was just about to take it when her mom stepped in and scolded her daughter for taking it. My daughter gave me a puzzled look and the girl’s mom gave us both dirty looks as if to say,” We aren’t charity cases, so keep your money ‘cuz we don’t need it.”

Then there was a time when I was at the grocery store and the young woman in front of me was short of money for her groceries; I had a few single bills and I offered them to her and with her snooty nose stuck way up high in the air she said in a chilly tone of voice,” No thanks but I got it.” Yeah right! She had to put some of her items back.

The whole world is upside down crazy. I was¬†¬†kind to a kid, one of my kid’s friends. Her mother went ballistic on me and she had her kid cut off all ties with my family. WTH? ¬†Love offends now probably just as worse or maybe worse than in the days when Yeshua walked with us. He told His followers that others would know they are His followers because of their LOVE. It seems like in these days people would rather that you cuss ’em out than you lift a hand to bless them.

Are these the days that try men’s souls? ¬†It seems so to me. What do you think?


Having Done Everything: STAND!

This is the place for me,

this is where I have to be.

What is my life without you in it?

What would I be if you aren’t beside me?

Where would I go?

Look my way God and don’t release me.

Look my way and take away this pain.

Look my way and let me feel,

the very blood for which you were slain.

Look my way, let¬†me know you’re there

look my way, let me know you care.

Look my way, hold my hand

look my way, I wanna run with you on the soft sand.

Look my way, help me feel the joy

my joy in your salvation.

Don’t ever relax your hold on me.

Don’t ever relax your hold on my family.

Don’t ever relax your hold on all the souls here.

Without you I am but a vapor;

here today and gone the next.

So here I am: