It’s a Mad,Mad,Mad,World!

She’s twerking-

in front of the masses

Her adoring fans look on

Some in disgust

Others just guffaw


MTV is not for music anymore

Mom and jackass TV is more like it

Young teens having babies

And the media glamorizes it


Ben Affleck will be the next Bat Man

Is splashed across the internet

Is the head line maker

Really? Seriously?! Who the hell cares!


Meanwhile mid night raids are happening

In remote,far away places

Drones taking out villages

Villagers killed in their sleep wearing expressionless faces


It’s a mad,mad,mad world!

The media wamts us all dumb

It’s a mad,mad,mad,world!

They want us all on prescription meds-looking and feeling glum


It’s a mad,mad,mad world!

Don’t trust mary the iguana

She’ll kill you

She’s the gate way drug

Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin

She’ll lead your children astray


It’s a mad,mad,mad, world!

When men call evil, good

When men call good, evil

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


30 day Blog Challenge: Day 26

Day 26 Question 26: What is one buzzword or phrase that was highly popular during your teen years?

Answer: I’m not going to mention one phrase but several because how can we forget the 80’s were all about excess right?  My favorite 80’s phrase was …No Duh! That sums it all up for me 🙂

Phrases and Buzzwords of the 1980’s :

ahhhh That '80's Hair 🙂
No Can Do
Taken from the Hall & Oates 80s song ‘I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)’ meaning, “I can’t do it” or “it can’t be done.”
“No Doy.”
 Late in the decade, “doy” was used seperately as well, but “no doy” is the original utterance.
Gotta have MY MTV!


(1)Adj. Something that’s”oh,snap,those Cross Colors are raw!”

Anything that was “in style” at the time. i.e. “Those Vans (the sneakers) are really proper.”


Used to describe something or someone who is not cool or unacceptable.
Later/Later Days
See Ya Around
Mall Chick

Girl who spends most of her time at the mall. Common meeting place of 80s youth.

Cool. Ex: “That new skatepark is sick!”

Kick Ass

Awesome or excellent
Dude, that Ozzy concert kicked-ass!

A kicker is a hick; a cowboy. they drive trucks with grill gaurds and wear wrangler jeans

Head Banger

Fan of heavy metal music
Jams (Songs, Music)
(1)Noun. a collection of songs. ie. “That radio station plays my favorite jams”. (2)Noun. a collection of music cassettes or albums. ie. “Are you brining your jams to the party”?
(1)Verb. To leave, usually abruptly. ie. “We’re running late. Let’s jam now.”

Bitch’n (Bitchin’)

Like rad something very cool, “That Cyndi Lauper Record Is Bitch’n!”
Short for “favorite”.
A teenage girl’s term. Used in teen fan magazines and magazines for teen girls (i.e. “Seventeen”, “‘Teen”, etc.)
(1)Adj. Cute or a hottie. Used like, “He is so fine.”
See Bodacious

Has 3 different meanings Hardcore punk. The punk of the eighties associated with mohawk haircuts and apocaliptic lyrics. – Extreme

Couch Potato

(1)Noun Someone who sits in front of the TV on their couch or sofa. With the boom of cable, MTV and home video, more people parked their butts on their couches. Hence the term couch potato.
Doy (Doi)

(1)Interj. Short for “No duh” or “no doy”.
See: No Shit Sherlock, Duh
Eat My Shorts

Phrase used as a comeback. Heavily in use in the 80’s and also used on TV’s ‘The Simpsons’. If someone was to put you down in anyway, you can reply with this phrase.
Phrase gained earlier popularity from it’s use by John Bender (Nelson Judd) in ‘The Breakfast Club‘ (1985) ~Editor

Butt Ugly

(1)Adj. Unattractive to the sight.

Abreviation for “Compact Disc”. A disc that stores and plays audio information, music, or video games.
These came out in 1983, but really took off in the late 1990’s. Today, 2005, almost everything is on CD.
Chonies or Chones

Underwear. Short for “calzones”
Spanish origin

Big Time

As in “Did you get that raise you were looking for at work, Dude?” Oh yeah. Big Time! Also the title of a Peter Gabriel tune from that era.

‘Bag Your Face!’

whatever! Shut up!
I own a retro wholesale company and I recently came across a button that said this. It was definately from the 80’s. Thought you might enjoy!
Boy Toy

(1)Noun A word to describe a cute guy used as a toy for older woman. Madonna invented this one with her “Boy Toy” belt on her 1984 Like a Virgin album.

“Burn” is synonymous with “face”. “burn” was used to apply dramatic emphasis to the fact someone was proven wrong on an issue that had been hotly debated and contested. it was also used to annoying and harassing effect over trivial matters of the day to the point where it lost all meaning.
Usually preceded by “you got” as in you got burned or by “ooooooh” as in ooooooh, burrrrrn!!!


Best Friends Forever.
How you would sign a note to a girlfriend. B.F.F


(1)Noun A stupid or unaware person; moron, dim-wit.
Origin: term implies that there is nothing but air in the subject’s head. (“He’s confused again. What an airhead!”) Unrenounced to popular belief, Valley Girls did not invent this word. It was used to describe them.
Space Cadet

One who’s not with what is going on. Disoriented. Their head is in space.
See also: Airhead, Ditz.

Bite Me

Means buzz off or go away, ie. “You’re such a geek!” “Like, bite me, dude!”
Heard it the first time in the eighties, but then again, was a teenager and learned a lot of new expressions obviously…
Who Can Forget John Bender from The Breakfast Club?