Canned Anything Sucks

Canned prayers are like canned potato chips,canned soup or any kind of canned food. Canned food lacks vital nutrients necessary to sustaining our bodies. When we pray, God wants to hear each of our own distinct spirits; our spirit has its own unique voice. When your child asks you for something,,you hear their own unique voice. So why do religious people recite their religious prayers and incantations over and over? God doesn’t want canned voices that all sound the same  millennia  after millennia. Remember the old sit-coms ? You hear canned laughter in the back ground right? That means those voices we hear in those old TV shows are probably coming from dead people. We need fresh, un-canned expressions TODAY, not  from the past.

The disciples learned to pray from their Teacher. He didn’t tell them to recite The Lord’s prayer ; that was just a prayer manual, one they could follow and learn how to approach the King . Certainly not to say the same words over and over. Oh how religion wants everyone to be a Pringle’s Potato chip: All the same shape,same taste, all fit neatly together stacked in a metal can.. I believe heaven and its citizens crave to hear each unique voice on earth.

Unique self expression is the most powerful weapon a person can use. Your own voices unleashes things into the atmosphere and sets things in motion in the universe. Not one star is the same.Not one snow flake is the same. So why do people try so hard to be like some one else? Even our brains are wired differently. No 2 people on planet earth think exactly the same. So it’s reasonable that we’re all different voices  and each one of us must utter what is in our hearts to set things in motion. The Bible is not a here is what to say to God type of book. It goes beyond that. It’s a how to approach heaven using your own voice to unlock what is yours through the power of your own distinct expression. Heaven remains locked up when no one dares to step forward to use their own voice.

Martin Luther set the religious system upside down by nailing his own unique expression to the door of the established church. The whole universe was in an uproar when Galileo defied religion’s rules that dictated how the universe runs. Where are The Martin Luthers and Galileos of our time? Stand up and be heard if you’re one of them!!

” The Bible teaches how to get to heaven not how the heavens go.” -Galileo

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


To Speak or Not To Speak

“You are responsible not only for what you do say, but also for what you do not say.” —Martin Luther

Life is eternal and so are words. Why is it that people think they can say whatever comes to mind and not receive repercussions from their spoken words or deeds. Life is in the tongue; the tongue can create or destroy. How do you use words on a daily basis? Do you speak in order to hurt others or to build them up with encouragement.

I grew up never being allowed to speak my mind; it hurt me in more ways than I can possibly realize. As I have gotten older I see the travesty in not telling your children that they are loved on a daily basis. When I was a child I was never told that by the people who raised me and it has made me insecure in some areas of my life. Now that I have kids of my own, I lavish them with encouraging words because I know the terrible void unspoken words have left in my heart.

We set things in motion when we speak; what are you speaking over yourself? Have you ever stopped to listen to what you actually say to others and to yourself? Take the ear phones out and turn off all of the noise around you and really tune into your inner voice. What does it sound like? I do that often and it helps me by correcting the things I say to myself. Choose this day what words to say; you can curse or bless but you can’t do them both simultaneously.