30 Day Music Challenge: Day 13

I Want to Hold Your Hand
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Today I turn to The Beatles for my 13th song. I like ” I Want to Hold Your Hand” for its simplicity. Songs now a days are full of explicit lyrics that demean and degrade human love. Back in the day, some lyrics did contain racy themes, but the song writers knew the art of concealing them within the song with flowery words. Not today, where everything about sex is so openly sung about. Enjoy the sweet simplicity of this Classic  ’60’s song which by the way is my favorite tune The Beatles ever made. What is you favorite song from The Beatles? Comment and let me know 🙂

Music: A Friend for Life

Sitting down to listen to an old song is like making time to visit with a dear, close friend. New songs are like new friends; you  have to really tune in and listen closely to what they’re trying to say. When you’re working on becoming friends, you are taken in by their outward appearance at first. The same can be said of a new song you just heard on the radio-you only hear the melody and not so much the depth of the lyrics.
With some songs it takes a while to decipher their hidden messages; it takes a while to  draw out the hidden intent of a person’s heart and that only happens when you spend time with your new found friend.
Songs like friends can touch your soul deeply. Others leave you giddy, as if on cloud 9; these songs and types of people slip in and out of your life and  you can’t lean on them when times grow rough.
Then there are the love ballads that never fail to strike a chord; reminding you of a promise of love someone broke when you were younger. Others speak of melancholic tales of all consuming fires that took all you had including your innocence. Love ballads are like your closest most intimate of friends because they never lie; there to remind you of the person you used to be and how you arrived at your current state.
Tune in to Part  2 of this my personal reflection on music.
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