There is this girl

She is meek,she is mild

She rocks my world

My worries melt when I see her smile.

She is soft, she is fragile

But don’t ever underestimate her

Though soft and fragile;

Inside she is a mighty fortress

One I turn to in distress

She laughs at hardship

She winks at the moon

Lifting her arms in worship

She knows pain and sorrow end soon

She laughs at the darkness

She sings from her pain

When my world is all madness

Every note she sings keeps me sane

She is a bundle of contradictions:

Tiny yet mighty

Fragile yet strong

Soft yet hard

She laughs while she cries

She sings through her tears

She dances past the lies

Her music dispels all my fears

She is that girl

She alone can rock my world!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


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My youngest daughter recently performed a Lyrical Dance to Peter Furler’s song “REACH” at a church. Sometimes God will use a child to reach out to you and I believe this video will bless you and encourage you to keep reaching out to a God who really cares about you and loves you; no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done. Reach, keep on reaching and NEVER give up hope.