Love Requires Relationship

Love Requires Relationship

How love dies:

When selfishness stabs it repeatedly

When betrayal bares ugly baby twins: Fear and Doubt

When truth is incessantly violated by a violent violator

Lies kill love quicker than Jaws devoured  the flesh of a hundred victims

Crooked hearts fuck up tender hearts

Everything must die for anything to matter

And thus, lost love is found

Better to have been found than to stay perpetually lost

Independence kills love;

Love dies at the hand of lovers committing a million acts of independence

Love requires relationship:

To deny love of such, is to put your lover’s soul into an eternal state of spiritual anorexia

Love dies from careless lies whispered in the dark

Love dies when you unravel its mystery…


Written In The Sheets

My Bed
My bed sheets
Are the story of my love life with you
When we turn down the sheets together and climb in
We write out our love poem
Our bodies-the plumes
We jot hurriedly
We scribble
We choose our words to match our actions
We decide..together, the rhythm of our song
Some lines are passionate
Some lines are torrid
Some lines are tender
Some lines are down right naughty
Above all else: We’re TRUE
The actions behind our words
Are all deliberate
Everything we do with each other
Is with purpose and intentional-if our bed could talk…
Oh my! It’d speak the story of true love unfolding
Our bed sheets: Where we record our own private love story!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014



Busy Mind #7

Picture a courtyard with violets in full bloom. The birds of paradise sing as the two hold each other in a lingering embrace. His hot breath on her cool cheek sends shivers up and down her spine. They kiss and their bodies begin to melt into one. When 2 lovers kiss, it’s not just lips connecting;it is two souls become known to each other. Mind connecting to mind. Heart connecting to heart. Souls becoming fused. A kiss my friend,  is not just a kiss. Between lovers, a shared kiss is more than just bliss. An amorous  kiss says so much and remains a mystery. Kissing: A language all its own.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013Image