Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

I have been home schooling my kids for quite some time now and we are used to the bullying we’ve encountered from other people. After while you just grow thick skin and you don’t let the snide remarks and nasty comments uttered by bullies get to us. Ignorance regarding home schooling prevails in the play ground, at the library, in the dance studio and whatever other places kids go to meet up with kids. You wouldn’t expect to find bullies in God‘s house now would you?

That’s the question that has arisen here at home. We’ve recently begun attending a very nice church and my kids are more grieved now, than they were when they were being bullied by some ignorant neighborhood kids. What’s sad is that the bullying doesn’t appear to be as nasty as what my kids were getting back in our old neighborhood. In church, the kids do it with a smile on their faces and it’s all in good fun right? 


BULL”Y, n. A noisy, blustering overbearing fellow, more distinguished for insolence and empty menaces, than for courage, and disposed to provoke quarrels.

BULL”Y, v.t. To insult and overbear with noise and blustering menaces

I have cause for concern when my 10 year old tells me that someone 17 years old teases her incessantly about her being home schooled. She doesn’t make any jokes about this boy going to public school because she’s too scared to say anything back to him. So please think about the next time you want to say something “cute” and joky- joky to someone else. Are you making them the butt end of the joke? Do you do it to feel better about yourself?  When you belittle someone, you’re showing the rest of the world how little you really are.

Are You Kidding Me??!!


I have been teaching my kids at home for a while now and I want to touch on a few very silly presuppositions that people make about home schooled kids. My kids get asked a lot by other kids they meet: ” Hey, so like do you get to do what ever you want all day long? Do you get to spend all day in your pajamas? Do you get to watch TV, play video games, or Facebook all day long?” Really?? The answer to all of these pesky questions is a: NO! NO! NO! NO!
So now I shall leave you with this video I found on Youtube; I hope it answers some of your questions…Good day!!



Do Your Kids Socalize?

 Hello Again!

Since I have been home schooling for a while now, I recall one of the first questions people ask me is how do my kids socialize. Are they hermits who never get to see another human face other than mine and  our family members? Do my kids have friends? We all have grown accustomed to these bizarre questions; but now I think we need to take a closer look at what to be social actually means.
Social-SO”CIAL,a. [L. socialis, from socius, companion.] 2. Ready or disposed to mix in friendly converse; companionable.
So you see if you are asking me whether my home taught kids can actually relate to other people my answer would be of course they can! My kids attend weekly dance lessons where they meet other children; my son takes guitar lessons as well. We also attend church on a regular basis and they have made friends there as well. The neighborhood we live in has plenty of children too and usually my home is full of kids because they all come over to our house after they get out of school.
One very interesting aspect of most of the home schooled children I’ve met is that they relate well with people of all age groups; this is quite unlike their public school counter parts who behave shyly or completely disregard adults.My husband and I have a theory that what happens to children when they go to school transfers to their world outside the classroom. Public school kids are all separated by age, therefore they learn to relate to just their peers for 8 hours of their day. Real life is not that way though; in reality we all run across all kinds of people from all age groups and I believe home schooling prepares kids to be well rounded individual because they are in constant contact with people of different age groups.
I’ll leave you with this quote:” The first quality of a good education is good manners-and some people flunk the course.  Hubert Humphrey