Let Kids BE Kids


On Sunday Johnnie has tennis lesson.
Come Monday it’s piano.
Tuesday the tutor comes
to teach him Latin and Esperanto.
Wednesday is his cooking lesson,
Thursday he takes fencing.
By Friday Johnnie is worn out
but off he goes to batting practice.
On Saturday he wished he could snooze
but oh no- he better win and not lose!
The game is all about his parents
no one ever bothered asking Johnnie,
what HE dreams of doing-
no one ever let Johnnie daydream.
So Johnnie grows up frustrated, annoyed and irritated;
now he goes off to a job he hates.
And John has a son-Junior.
And John does the same to him.
Only this time Junior has a back bone.
Junior says, “No way!”
“Dad, I love you!”
” Dad, thanks but no thanks.
I have dreams I must do.
I’m gonna be who I wanna be.
I was born to be ME;
and not a little replica of you!”
Eva Santiago COPYRIGHT 2011