We are such strange creatures!

We have to leave, to miss, and to be missed

We need space,to feel closer to our loved ones

We have to give, to receive

We have to die, to live

We have to have known loss, so we can appreciate

We have to have known darkness,so we can shine brightly through our being

We have to have been lost, to  know the warm feeling of being loved and accepted

We have to be orphaned, in order to be adopted

We have to have tasted great hatred, so we can become great lovers

We have to have been buried, so we can sprout back up to life

We have to have been cut deeply and wide open, for blood to gush out, ushering in true healing

We have to have been cut, in order to be sutured

We have to have seen chaos, to appreciate harmony

We have to have heard cacophony, so we can  hear beautiful sounds….





Escapate conmigo
Come away with me
See the world
From a better view
Escape to the ocean
Escape to the sea
Run away with me
The mountains beckon
And this love’s got me flying higher than a kite
And my heart it reckons
That nothing ventured is nothing gained
Escapate conmigo
Let’s run away
Mi amor, mi lindo amigo, My beloved, my friend
Me voy contigo, I’m going with you
Por que si no me ahogo…if not I’ll drown…

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 86


I went to the store yesterday and I bought a wind chime and a hummingbird feeder. Once back home, I put the wind chime on my deck in the back yard. I hung the feeder from a limb on my olive tree with hopes that they’ll come to visit me. Then after dinner I sat on the swing listening to my wind chime sing as the wind caressed the pipes. My son came out and sat next to me. He said he found it amazing that I take pleasure in such simple things. And I told him it’s because I’m the kind of person who can enjoy a $10 wind chime more than a big screen TV.  Why is that?

I found out a long time ago that contentment is a choice as well. When my kids were all in the toddler stage, there were days where I found it hard to be content because back in those days they were my main focus. I had no time for myself and when I did make time it was to gather my scattered thoughts on paper to try to make sense of what was happening inside of me. That’s when I decided to purposefully sit back and watch my kids play and interact together and that day I found a sweetness in my choice to be a stay at home mom.

Not too long after that, I would listen to Joyce Meyer on the radio and she’d talk about being content no matter where you are in life. Gee,  everyday I tuned in , it was the same message. Being a quick study, I caught on that I was right where I needed to be and that in order to be content in my present state, I had to appreciate it first. So I decided to get down with my little ones and finger paint with them. This is what awakened the artist that I’d never dreamed I was before. Contentment brought me to a place of self-discovery and I’m so glad I chose to make friends with her. She’s a gift that keeps on giving!

So I invite you dear reader to examine your life and see if you’re lacking contentment, ask yourself what can you do about it. What’s robbing you of finding true contentment? If you’re content already, hang on to it no matter what because you and I both know it took some time and struggle to attain it.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29

I’m down to the wire here friends! This 30 day blog challenge has taken me through a fun stroll down memory lane. I hope as you’ve read some of my posts, that maybe this could help get your own conversation started about your own unique memories.

Day 29 Question 29: What particular Christmas memory do you remember most fondly?

Answer: I’m posting another excerpt from my book AS CLEAR AS CLAIRE GETS as my answer for today:

That Christmas Eve something amazing happened; we were watching TV while Tio worked a double shift in the ER. The whole night was dragging on because this was very different from the festive holidays we were all used to. In past years, the house was always filled with guests, now it was just the four of us. I was not interested in the TV at all, I would glance up at the cuckoo clock hanging by the banister, and it stood still it seemed. Suddenly at midnight when the cuckoo came out to announce the hour, the doorbell rang. I sprang up from the couch and I ran as fast as I could to see who might be at the door at this late hour. Once I opened the door, Tio was standing there smiling with a box of Dunkin’ Donuts  in his hands. I threw my arms around him because I was so glad to see him and he hugged me back tenderly. Suddenly he realized what he was doing as he stiffened up quickly and the moment vanished but not from my heart.

As he settled in, he explained to all of us that he had managed to get another doctor to cover his shift so he could come be with us. This was an isolated incident where he had been affectionate with me and it still makes me smile today. It told me back then and even now that somewhere in that stony heart of his, there is a place for me. Tiny though it may seem, that place is there because he let me see it for a second.

Sock Conspiracy

There is a sock conspiracy in my home I just know it! They conspire with PhatCatladie, our Scottish Fold 2 year old cat. Not only that the third offending party is the dryer. I have been watching this activity for a while now and I’m completely convinced that they are an organized crew.

PhatcatLadie  is a clever feline. She waits ’til late, late at night when we’re all asleep. She hides herself in the shadows awaiting her time. Once the house settles in for the night, she’s OFF!! She comes out of her hiding place and quietly goes to my girl’s bedroom. Why start her thieving for socks there? Because the girl’s room is an easy cache; they leave their sock drawer slightly ajar, easy enough for suspected cat to pounce on the prey and make out like a bandit! After robbing those drawers, she makes her way through the dark living room and into my son’s room.

She knows that there are occasions when my son will forget to close his sock drawer. PhatCatLadie has made it in the boy’s room; tonight she isn’t as lucky, his drawers are completely shut up and they aint talkin’. Someone threw away the key to the pad lock for the time being. The suspect turns around,looks over her shoulder and thinks  those sour grape thoughts:” It’s ok, I didn’t need ’em anyway.” She slowly meanders her way back to her starting place. For a minute there she wonders, hmmmm maybe I could try the Lady’s  bedroom; she always leaves her door slightly open….

Phatcatladie slowly, inch by inch, creeps through the shadows and finds herself standing in front of her Lady’s bedroom door. ‘Careful,’ she coaches herself, ‘this one is a light sleeper, don’t want to mess this up’. The suspect pokes her inquisitive head through the slightly opened door and squeezes her long body through the 4-5 inch space, ” I’m in!” She congratulates herself. Then with heart pounding a zillion beats per second, she looks at the sock drawer in dismay: This one is sealed tight! ” I did all this for nothing!” Phatcatladie scolds herself as she makes her way back out of the room ever so stealthily.

My other offending culprit is the dryer. Why is it that when I put all of the socks in the washing machine, they are together. When I throw them in the dryer, the pairs are still cozy, in two by two form. But it all changes when they come out of the dryer; something is always lost in translation and I smell a rat! Something’s missing in the state of the stocking world! What can possibly take place in there? A possible theory is that the dryer and Phatcatladie are in thick as thieves, you can’t tell me otherwise. I am going to continue until I solve this riddle. Somethings in life are a mystery and are never meant to be solved. This puzzle though has to have a solution. What do you think? Is there a sock conspiracy going on in your home? Perhaps you can share. I’d like to hear from other fellow conspiracy theorists  on this matter. 🙂

TFCL (talk from the clothes line)

Ok God, please remind me to start doing laundry earlier in the day so I won’t be out here at 3pm when it’s the most scorching . The beads of perspiration forming on my upper lip and forehead remind me of the sound sizzling bacon makes on a live griddle.

Thanks for sending Raquel out here to pitch in. She said, “Mama I love the wet clothes on me ’cause it’s so hot.” Lightbulb! What a great idea. The help didn’t last long though; she couldn’t take the heat trying to bake her all of 4’5 frame so I sent her along.

Where were we God…AH yes, I know hell exists because  I live in a hot, arid climate and I imagine this has to be hell on earth! One big difference between this and the furnace that burns eternally: There is cold water, an occasional light breeze and shade! That’s what I imagine, it’s not like I want to find out! 🙂

Before I hang this last pair of socks, I just want you to know God, how glad I am that you are my friend.Chao for now ( as I make a fast dash for the shade of my porch where my ice cold water awaits.

Teddys on a clothesline.
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I enjoy hanging my family’s laundry out to dry on a clothes line my husband made by the side of our house. I live in the desert so in the summer the clothes are air dried in a matter of minutes. For years I have done this and I want to share some of the things I muse over in my mind as I talk to God while I hang the clothes.

Hey God, I ‘m so glad you meet me out here as I do this because I don’t feel so alone in this heat. Please tell the annoying wind to stop blowing so hard b/c I’ll get sand on these fresh clean clothes…Thanks! ( As the wind quiets) 🙂

 You are so cool God! You have given my family and I so many blessings that when I sit down to write them all I run out of paper. Since you bless me so much in big and little ways everyday; feel free to tell me what I can do for you today to make you smile.

Thanks  for letting me write JR’s story. A long time ago I had a t-shirt that said: ” Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves” printed on the front of it. Well I never forgot that and ever since You have been blessing me for doing just that.

Ok, I’ll be back with the next load. It’ll be the whites; since it’s pretty big load, I’ll be out here more with you God. Thanks for hearing me and as always I look forward to our next chat! Chao!