Las Vegas: It’s Not Just All Fun and Games

11 years ago when we uprooted ourselves and we moved to Las Vegas, I didn’t know what was in store for us here. Lots of things can happen in a short decade. When we first came out here we knew no one and we had no family cheering our decision to move to “Sin City”. As a matter of fact we heard,” You are being irresponsible, you guys are crazy how can you raise a family in such a “sinful” place,” and other not so great comments from so called¬†“concerned” relatives from both sides of our extended families. I even was asked this question several times,” Does everyone in Vegas live on The Strip?” Come on now, seriously?

So here we are settled¬†in, we recently purchased a home in lovely Henderson, which is sandwiched between Hoover Dam and Las Vegas and I’m happy to announce to any nay-sayers from our past, that we are doing well and thriving in this place!

Which brings me to discuss the fact that I am proud to announce that Las Vegas has more culture than it gets credit for. I simply adore The Las Vegas Shakespeare Company. Last year they did¬† Shakespeare in the Park; being that Henderson is filled¬†with wonderful parks, LVSC¬†uses these parks to put on live performances of a Shakespeare play once per year. So this fall’s treat, starting this week end¬†is, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and I am so excited! This company knows Shakespeare and I am happy that my girls have joined such a dedicated group of talented professionals to work with.

So, if you live in my area head on out this¬†Saturday, October¬†1st¬†at 7:00 pm¬†to Sonata Park. Then on the 8th it will play in Discovery Park. On the ¬†15th it will be¬†at Lake Las Vegas,¬†and¬†the grand finale will be at River Mountain Park on the¬†22nd. All performances are free of charge and¬†begin at 7:00pm. So bring a blanket, snacks and experience Shakespeare live because I’m quite¬†sure Shakespeare would be proud with these¬†talented¬†professionals¬†that make up LVSC. See you there!!