ALLOW The Process

Be content with your gifts, abilities and position!

When I was a young girl, at Christmas time, I’d see other kids around me voice their disappointment when they didn’t receive that one gift they were dreaming of. I was born into extreme poverty so when I came to the US at six years old, I’d learned to be thankful and cheerful with the things I received. Even on my eighth birthday, I was hoping to receive ballet shoes because I’d been attending ballet classes barefooted for several months. Well, on my day I opened a box containing house shoes instead. I could have been pouty but I realized that my feet would be warm the rest of the winter. At that early age, I’d learn to flip the script and appreciate everything!

The biggest threat and killer of gratitude is comparing our gifts, abilities and position to those of others; those are bestowed to us by our Creator/God/Adonai/Daddy/SOURCE. Comparison lowers our vibrational energy. Clear yourself by staying thankful and soon you’ll be able to see your own bad ass self emerge too!

This also applies to when we are disgruntled by our position, where we are in our own unique journey. The future is inevitable; pining away for what’s coming is as futile as longing for what was. Stay present and focus on NOW!

“We’re somewhere in the future and we look much better than we look right now!”-Kim Clement

Every now and then its good to send yourself photographs of your future and hang them on your mind’s dash board. Just remember that NOW is all that matters! Lastly, as we allow the process, you’ll soon see manifesting in this present reality, what you stormed heaven for yesterday.




Everything we do creates a ripple effect, EVERYTHING!

Just like when you go out into the woods and you throw a rock into a bunch of trees, you hear it hit other trees; you don’t see which ones the rock actually touched. You KNOW though because you heard it .

In the same way when you skip a rock into a body of water, the rock creates a ripple effect then it disappears from your sight. You KNOW though because you saw all the ripples in the water.

As healers and spiritual creatives, picture that’s how it goes when we reach out and serve someone else.

Service comes in so many different disguises, doesn’t it?

Just keep your eyes open wide because you never know who or where your next assignment will be!




Today I want to remind you that NO MATTER what you’re experiencing right now, that God’s love for us goes deeper than what any of us can fathom. Trials have an interesting way of manifesting God’s love in a more powerful and tangible way. My dear readers and friends I want to encourage you by letting you know that you don’t always have to know why you go through what you go through; just TRUST Him the one who has it all under control. Think about this, trials and adversity are our university where we go, in order to learn who we are in God. TRUST Him even when you’ve no reason to and guess what? You’ll come out stronger in your faith and deeper in your love for Him. I dedicate this video to all of us who are in the midst of trials right now. This was posted to my Facebook wall by my sweet sister and I hope it uplifts you as it did me. Have a great day!