It’s Fruit Season!

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” You shall know them by their fruit…”

Dear Diary,

I went camping yesterday with a few adults and a group of kids. I am new to this church I recently started attending. My Ma avoids going to church because she doesn’t like religious folks so we have stayed away from church circles for a while. I love God and I have a deep faith in Him because my Ma  models Him for me everyday. But just recently I felt drawn to finding a church to call my 2nd home. And, I thought I had done just that until I went on this trip. Boy was I blown away with the things I saw some of these “nice” church people doing.

The leader of the whole group was nice at first but in time I saw his true colors. I heard him talk down to a lot of kids and when one of the adults got hurt he was so lacking in compassion. I thought,’ I’m supposed to listen to him? Why?’

Then there were the various groups of cliques that had formed; I felt just like I do when I go to school everyday. The popular kids hang with each other and the regular kids like me we sought out the ones who were ignored by the popular kids. I thought.’ No wonder my Ma stays away from all this craziness.’

I saw another thing that really made me sad and it was how this one youth leader whom us guys are suppose to look up to was rough housing and playing with some of the girls that came. This guy was trippin’…on his own ego that is. Wasn’t he supposed to be looking out for all of our safety? Isn’t that what leaders do? I saw two girls I had been talking with all week end long get injured under this guy’s “watchful eye” when the raft they were all on was capsized and it landed on both girl’s heads. Hmmmm you be the judge God and you show me if I’m being judgemental or not. If I am forgive me; but if I’m not, help us all act more like you.

Lastly, I read somewhere that we will be known by our fruit. One of the fruit of The Spirit is LOVE. This week end I saw love in some people that came on this trip; there were some parents that came a long to help out the youth leaders; I saw love in them. Then I saw love in a couple of the other youth leaders. May be just maybe, the rest of the youth leaders came along to learn to love by having to serve the whole group. You decide.

I’m glad I went on this trip though because I did get to meet some really cool kids.

Talk more later…

Carlos G.

P.S. To ALL youth group leaders everywhere: Please remember we are still kids and if you are trying to lead us, we watch what you DO, way more than what you SAY.



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On this category I will feature Eva’s Notable Notes; observations I make about life in general.


My goal as a writer is to be a sponge. What do sponges do? They rest until someone uses them. They absorb. They soak up. Once they are soaked they are wrung out so they can soak some more. As a writer I soak in everything I can that’s going on around me; making mental notes of bits of conversations I’ve heard. I jot down things in my note book that I’ll use later on.  I don’t ever want to be a dried up sponge as those serve no purpose; eventually dried  sponges disintegrate and are thrown out.




Nine little dancers all in a row,

up,up releve 

down, down, plie,

touch your toes.