The Good Ol’ Days…

Why do people long for “the good ol’ days” ? Don’t they realize that to younger folks that might sound as though they might be missing out on something? The so called “good ol’ days”  sounds to me like someone is having a hard time adjusting to these days.  So what do they call now,”The bad new days”? 

Seriously, I believe we are living in one of the most exciting time periods ever. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the Medieval times, or when the New World was being settled. I wonder what folks in times past would think of our lives today. I am certain they would have a  hard time adjusting to modern times as a modern person would who went back. Was life back then simpler really?

Upon closer inspection I would have to say no one in any time period has had it   easier than the next. Sure our ancestors did a lot of their work manually since machines were just being invented to lighten man’s load. But they fought and struggled just as we do. Our modern lives seem simple, but are they? With all of our technological advances are we smarter and better off?

If we were to be honest, I think we have to admit that we are more confused now than our ancestors ever were. We have information bombarding us daily; where the settlers of the American frontier had to fend off  the wild  in their environment, we have to fight our own wild beasts that demand our time and attention 24/7; the media, electronic gadgets,, government rules that encroach upon our liberties. This is   the wilderness we’re contending with daily.

Lastly, even though our ancestors lived shorter lives than we do, are we really living longer? Their food quality was better than ours; farmers grew food and let the soil rest every so often so as not to deplete the soil of its nutrients. Here in modern life we have to turn to supplements in order to ensure we are receiving the lost nutrients from our food. Medial advances have been majorly improved upon yet we have the highest rates of obesity, malnutrition and food allergies ever recorded. We may be living longer but not better lives.

So next time you look back and pine away for “the good ol’ days” why not make THESE days we are living now the best? One way to do so is to stop complaining about what was; for all you know you could be making a myth about a not so great time period. Live for today because that’s all we have. Don’t whine about the past; take the good from it and leave the rest behind. Regarding the future, remember that whatever you are doing right at this moment will affect your tomorrow, for better or worse. Today is your answer to the prayer you said yesterday.

Ecclesiates 7:10

Don’t ask why the old days were better than now, because that is a foolish question.

Ecclesiastes 7:8

The end of something is better than its beginning, so the patient are better than the proud.