365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 153

Have you ever made a mountain out of a mole hill? Yeah right! Like I’m the only one who goes there ? 😉 Today I spent a couple of hours working on my edits with my daughter Esther.  I’m  including her writing in my new book due out soon; SALSA! The Taste of Life.  She writes beautifully and I wanted to share her talent with the world. So we make a great team because even though I posses pretty good computer skills, she’s quicker with it. She can copy and paste at tremendous speed while my slow fingers go click-click; when Esther types, you don’t even hear the click because she’s quicker than lightning. Ok, I’ve stopped chuckling already.

When I first received my manuscript I was a bit overwhelmed. Even though the revisions are minor , it’ll still take time and I do have to meet my dead line of June 15. As I work on it I realize the best thing to do is work on it one chunk at a time and it’ll be done. I just finished 2 hours on edits and I can tell you I’ve done more than I thought! So I decided to take a break and tell you all about it 🙂

So next time you have a seemingly insurmountable  task at hand just think: Take it chunk by chunk; throw out all that useless worrying ’cause it’s really old,   junk! Remember too, mountains are not climbed in one huge step; climbers get up there step by little, careful step. I hope this helps some one..just know I enjoyed writing it for you! Chao for now 🙂






365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 97


CAREFUL! Young eyes are watching. We must be so careful with the young souls of our children. I am deeply grieved lately at how kids are losing their innocence at younger ages these days. No matter how hard we try to protect them, and I emphasize protect and NOT overly shelter, there is a difference; they still get exposed to age inappropriate things before their time. My youngest girl asked me the other day to tell her what a certain sexual reference meant. I let her see the shock in my face because I remember her older siblings hadn’t heard of that at her age. So she told me that she had over heard one of her older sister’s friends telling them about her sexual escapaes with her boyfriend. I was very upset.  So I had my daughter call her friend and tell her to please refrain from sharing her stories with her when she comes over; my daughter admitted to me that frankly, she was tired of hearing about it too. Folks, our kids will grow up it’s a fact of life. But when my 11 year old tells me she didn’t want to know about certain things yet, well I had to act.

Our children are being bombarded daily with adult material that is too much for their young brains and tender souls to deal with. I thank God I’m able to home school mine so  I can keep the onslaught at bay, at least for a little longer than the kids that have to face it everyday in regular school. I wonder what the people of a few generations back would think of all of this that kids have to deal with everyday?

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 96

The proverb says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. The hardest aspect of parenting is knowing that even though you did your very best to pour good things into your children, that they are free moral agents and at times they will choose the wrong way.

When my kids were all younger I changed our eating habits by introducing the blood type diet; a way of eating that is blood type specific in order for your body to assimilate the nutrients it needs. I saw how right away we all felt better  and healthier. I didn’t ban junk food though because to ban anything creates rebellion so I still allow for all of us to junk out when we crave it that way we satisfy the craving. A few years back, my oldest daughter was consuming a lot of ice cream. She was getting a nice shape and was starting to notice her body changing from that of a girl to a young woman. That summer she was flabbergasted when the ice cream she was eating began showing up in her belly as unwanted flab.

Astounded, she marched up to me demanding to know why she would get such an unsightly thing on her body. Nature  is the best teacher. I asked her what she’d been indulging in lately and right away she hung her head and admitted the ice cream was the culprit. She swore to never go there again and she hasn’t since. That is one example of how I believe God deals with us. He doesn’t ban anything from us, He lets us make choices.

A long time ago I read a book about The Proverbs in the Bible and it blew me away when the author explained that the proverbs are principles to live by and they aren’t set in stone laws that guarantee that your child will be perfect. As I pondered that I understood in that instant that my kids are human like me and they will make mistakes just like I do. When you train up your children in the way of the Lord it creates a safe passage for them into adulthood. When you don’t train them up, you set them up to fail…it’s inevitable. Whether you train them or not they’ll still make mistakes, but if they have the right foundation, they’ll have something to return to, a place to anchor themselves to so they can handle life and its storms.

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 93

Expect the Unexpected from Me!

One of my daughters just turned 16 this week-end and to celebrate her day we had a costume party. I am one who doesn’t like to be put in a box. Weeks before her party we were brain storming for costume ideas. Eventually everybody decided on theirs and I still hadn’t quite decided who to dress up as. Then one night my son suggested I dress up as Slash since I already have hair like his. I laughed out loud at the outlandish suggestion and then I said to myself, ‘Why not??’ So that’s what I did and I had a blast. Saturday as I got ready for the party I was glad to have the chance to not wear any make up , wear my hair in its natural state-I didn’t use any of the hair products I normally do to relax hair as curly as mine and look as unattractive as possible. THAT, was so freeing and I dare say I enjoyed hiding behind the big hair and dark sunglasses. I also went as far as wearing fake tattoos only to find out that you really don’t need to get real ones when fake ones don’t come off too easily 🙂

So this week I dare you to do something so totally unexpected that you catch yourself by surprise..try it, it’s liberating!


365 Snap Shots of Life” Day 89

The Sacred Hides in the Ordinary

Have you ever ordered something from Ebay and when you received it you were disappointed because the item you purchased was smaller than the picture on the ad showed? That happened to me this morning when I received my Feng Shui wind chime. So I hung it up on the patio and it’s so small, the backyard swallows it up. Then I set out to find the positive in the negative as I normally do. I reminded myself I like small, dainty things and that helped. Then I thought about returning it and it wasn’t worth the hassle. I decided to keep it.

Just now Esther, my second daughter came home from having gone to lunch with her youngest sister. She was so excited because she brought home a butter fly. I looked at it as it sat contentedly on her index finger. Esther thinks it’s injured, I think it likes her. Then I remembered the little wind chime I hung this morning. We have to have eyes that see and ears that hear what isn’t obvious. My small mini wind chime , that tiny butterfly reminds me that the most precious things in life aren’t usually perfect. We have to be awake enough to appreciate those serendipity moments that come to us in our every day lives. Esther’s butterfly felt   enough at ease  with her positive energy to come light on her finger. Is it injured, as my daughter perceives,or  perhaps it didn’t want to die alone.

In this world we live in where perfection is demanded at every step, you have to on purpose make yourself slow down enough to look past the imperfections in things and people so you won’t miss the sacred in the ordinary. After God created everything He said His creation was good, NOT perfect. Maybe He left it open to interpretation and what I get from that is that He made things good-giving them the room to  become BETTER. So next time you deal with a disappointment, challenge yourself to see the sacred in it. It’ll be hard at first but the more you practice that, YOU will become better.