You are like a rainbow that comes out after a summer thunderstorm.
Your colors are iridescent,each representing a facet of your uniqueness.
The red is your heart filled with love and compassion.
You touch everyone in your world as you let the love in your heart overflow.
The green stands for the loyal sister and friend that you are to me.
Green symbolizes life;and yours is an exuberant one.

When we were little,you were my constant companion.Even though we were separated,our lives have always run parallel to each other. Like two branches of the same river,both flowing toward the same destination;the ocean of a our God’s abundant and amazing love.

God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise to never again destroy.
You are that promise to me,you are that rainbow!
With you in my corner, I rest assured knowing all is well.
Eva Santiago Copyright 2011


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This poem was written today by one of our members of our writing group, WRITING ROYALTY.

A library captures worlds beyond what you can see.

There are books about food, cats, dogs, bats,

Obama and even the Queen of England drinking tea.

There are movies about a chocolate factory,

Abe Lincoln and even Jesus walking on the sea.

You can go on the internet and on FaceBook

speaking of book;

in the library there is a Nancy Drew book that’s called:


Books about hairstyles frogs,

Bin Laden and Blogs.

The library is awesome!

Oh yes, they even have books about a possum.

~Raquel Brincat  Copyright 2011

Are You Kidding Me??!!


I have been teaching my kids at home for a while now and I want to touch on a few very silly presuppositions that people make about home schooled kids. My kids get asked a lot by other kids they meet: ” Hey, so like do you get to do what ever you want all day long? Do you get to spend all day in your pajamas? Do you get to watch TV, play video games, or Facebook all day long?” Really?? The answer to all of these pesky questions is a: NO! NO! NO! NO!
So now I shall leave you with this video I found on Youtube; I hope it answers some of your questions…Good day!!