Show me heaven
Can anyone really do that?
Can one human reflect it to another?
For what is heaven?
Is it a trouble-free life?
Is it a life with no struggle or pain?
Is it where you don’t go insane?
Is it where you don’t worry
Is it where people don’t have to say sorry?
Is it a place that can be found on earth
Is it a place of laughter and mirth?
Can it really be that far away
Or is it closer than we think?
Is it a far away galaxy
Or maybe it’s a star,
You might miss it if you blink
Oh if we could only see

What is heaven
Is it 2 hearts beating as one
Is it being able to forgive
Beyond the seventy times seven

What is heaven?
Is it a smile on a baby while he sleeps
Is it real before we all reach age seven
We see it when we’re little
And then we all fall asleep

Show me heaven
Tell me where it is
Give me a road map
In this life, is there such a place?

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013



There is this girl

She is meek,she is mild

She rocks my world

My worries melt when I see her smile.

She is soft, she is fragile

But don’t ever underestimate her

Though soft and fragile;

Inside she is a mighty fortress

One I turn to in distress

She laughs at hardship

She winks at the moon

Lifting her arms in worship

She knows pain and sorrow end soon

She laughs at the darkness

She sings from her pain

When my world is all madness

Every note she sings keeps me sane

She is a bundle of contradictions:

Tiny yet mighty

Fragile yet strong

Soft yet hard

She laughs while she cries

She sings through her tears

She dances past the lies

Her music dispels all my fears

She is that girl

She alone can rock my world!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Ever been thrown under a bus?
Hell yeah that kills ya
Or so it feels like it
You think your heart’s been splattered
Cuz you thought to him you really mattered
Then it hits you:
DAMN!! You needed a friend
Some one to be there ‘til the end
And when it really mattered
He took your feelings
And to the 4 winds they scattered
Just when you hoped that to him you mattered
What you thought was there once
Turns out was never really there
Turns out it to him you never really mattered

So now what?
You  were thrown under a bus
But you weren’t run over
You dodged and you ducked
Not letting the weight of it all crush you to bits
And in all of that you found this:
Your own worth
Your own dignity
Your own strength

So next time you’re thrown under a bus:
Don’t let it kill ya
Don’t let it paralyze ya
Don’t let it get ya
Just know it’ll be over soon
Once the bus goes by
You’ll get up
Dust yourself off
And smile again at the moon!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 79

I posted this up here on a Monday in the hopes it brings a smile to your face since Mondays are rough for lots of people. This child LOVES her churros. The best ones are the ones that  every bite you take, melts in your mouth and they are nice and warm, just fresh out of the churro maker. The worst churros are cold ones that have set on a shelf all day and they’ve been marked down :/ You’re better off eating some card board with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. The little person in this picture claims that churros are cinnamon rolls in stick form. Do you agree or disagree? Get back with me on this poll and I’ll pass on the results to her. Have a GREAT Monday!!!