I’m back!  I have been in a poetic phase these past few weeks. I have several stories swimming around in my head and when I sit down to write, poetry flows forth. I am one of those who does not contend with the muse. Instead, I just let her guide me along. Poetry for me is  introspective; often times dealing with deep emotions . So for now, I will share some of the poetry I have been reading at The Poets Unite! Poetry Jam sponsored by The Henderson Poets.

Guess what? The other night I was asked to play the congas during  Black Bart‘s Open mic night  at The Coffee House! You see, I am rather shy when it comes to playing music in public. I am not sure if it has to do with my uncle making me play the clarinet in the 7th grade; I was so bad at it I could never play it without making it squeak. So during the often dreaded band concerts, I would just hold the instrument to my mouth and act like I was playing. That’s how I got through 🙂 Or maybe I had decided to just play in the privacy of my home because I’m not too sure if I can even play. Whatever the case, I stepped out of that fearful box and I did it. I had a blast too!

So now YOU go on and try that thing you have been so scared to do! Just do it once and see what goes! Whether you do it like a pro or not, who cares! Just do it to say you did. LITS= LIFE IS TOO SHORT 🙂


There is no one here
Not one single soul
There is no one there
Who would really care

There is no one close by
To help carry your load
Te tell you it’s fine
When all you want to do is cry

Rush! Rush! Rush!
That’s what goes on
In this life all people do is
Push , push, push

There is no more balance
There is extreme
The pendulum always swinging
And no one cares to dance

No one stops to smell the flowers
Take in a sunset
Not even to hug a small child
And slow down for a while

You’ll die if you don’t
You’ll miss it all if you don’t

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

Poets Unite! Poetry Jam

A long time ago I heard a preacher say that if we don’t share our talents and gifts with the world, we become thieves. We all have great talents. How many people though, never step out and bless the world with their gifts. Our talents are not just for us. They are to help make this life better and more amazing!

Last night I began a new thing; I hosted a poetry jam at my home away from home, The Coffee House. I was a bit anxious about it. I worried because I was afraid no one would come. Boy did I waste my time worrying!! We had 25+ people show  up to our first meeting last night!! Their  were young poets and poets from all walks of life. This very talented woman shared a piece about her trip to New Orleans and it was so vivid, her words took be back to when I went to that beautiful place in my teens. This other poet a young man, recited a poem he wrote from memory. I  admire poets who can  get up to the mic and do that without any prior preparation.

There were several writers from my writing group, WRITING ROYALTY in attendance and they shared as well.

And lastly, there was a young woman by the name of Leslie Stein who shared her 365 Soul Notes with us and she inspired me!! I plan to have her as a featured artist soon! This is her picture 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/SoulNotesWithLeslieStein

I broke past the fear and I did something I always wanted to do! The Henderson Poets will meet every Tuesday night at 7pm in The Coffee House located on 117. S. Water Street, Henderson, NV. If you are local, come by and join us!  Next Tuesday, Derik Jordan, a local guitar player will be our featured artist. This young man played Walk The Line and he sounded just like Johnny Cash!! Please like our The Henderson Poets Group Page on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/TheHendersonPoets

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012