Write Something Terrible and Feel Great!

Let the poem write itself

Let the words flow through your pen

Open your mind

Let your thoughts come out to play


Let the story write itself

The plot is there

The characters already live

Just pluck them from thin air


Let the wound heal itself

Give it attention

Give it great care

Let it breathe in fresh air


Let the puzzle sort itself

Don’t pick up the pieces

You’ll just make a mess

Don’t worry, time sorts out all puzzles


Let the song compose itself

Words have wings

Marry your words to the harmony

Words don’t always need music to sing


Be a canvas to the whole world

Let children fill in the emptiness with their vivid imaginations

Let amateur painters blot out the darkest corners with their unlearned brush strokes

Let seasoned artists mold,shape, create

Something from nothing

Definition out of thin air


Write something terrible and feel great about it

The best art

Comes from many attempts

So at first when you grab the pen, the paper

The paint brush, the canvas

Don’t worry if you’re gonna fuck up

Truth is, you will

But don’t let that keep you


How did we learn to walk?

By first falling flat on our faces

Well, go on then!

Write something terrible and feel great!

Sing and hit the wrong note

And don’t yourself hate


The canvas doesn’t ever worry

Whether you’ll make a mistake

The stage doesn’t care that you tapped out the wrong beat

Or that once, you had two left feet

The blank pages in the book don’t care about grammatical errors

They trust the writer knows what to delete

So, what are you waiting for?!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013
















The canvas doesn’t lie

So don’t be a pesky ‘lil fly

The canvas is my friend

On it my frustrations die


The paints on my brush

They quiet and they hush

My ever aching soul

My ever aching heart


Wet paint is my balm

To smooth out all the wrinkles

To soothe and calm my soul

The paints oh how they calm!


My canvas can be anything I choose:


This is where I never lose



The canvas is better than a lover

I can be me

I can discover

I can fly

I can swim

I can sink

I can fling paint angrily

Or I can use paint sparingly


The canvas is my silent partner

My accomplice

Together we conspire

It knows my long-held desire

It knows who lights my fire

It senses when conditions are dire

It directs me as when to retire


The canvas is my date

It never stands me up

It never arrives late

It is quite the perfect play mate

It never keeps me waiting

It never says it’ll call

And then it doesn’t

it never looks for an excuse

I’d rather paint than be out dating:

An idiot

A moron

A clown

A buffoon

Better to paint

So my heart won’t faint


So whether you use:



Even your 10 fingers

Your cat’s very tail

Yeah, that’s how they got 9 lives!


Paint your troubles away

When you feel lonely


When you feel”



When you feel misunderstood:


When you hear,” You should…”

Don’t should on yourself:


When chaos is your daily bread:


When you feel as good as dead:



Identify your pain in the paint

Look pain in the eye

Use it to your advantage

Then lose your pain in the paint


Paint and grow wings

Those wings will cause your to soar

You’ll leave normal behind

You’ll not be the same for ever more


EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013






365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 202

It’s horribly tragic what just transpired in Aurora Colorado. The selfish, thoughtles and careless act of one person, unleashed loss in families, a community and our nation. Today I will post another one of my poems that didn’t make it into my book, Salsa! The Taste of Life, due out  soon. I want to honor the families that were directly touched by this sudden tragedy…R.I.P.

God‘s Workmanship


The Master is forever working, creating, perfecting.

His subject? A living canvas.

He chooses and mixes the various mediums.

What starts out seemingly chaotic, is being made perfect

through His loving touch.



His discriminating eye is constantly scrutinizing…

the past, He obscures in shades of gray,

lest you forget from where you came.

Accentuating in dazzling hues those things about you,

that deeply touch and delight Him.



On those days you are feeling frustrated and forgotten:

Do Not Fear! The Master is lovingly letting the canvas rest.

For there are wet layers of paint that must dry:

Deep-seated issues that can’t be worked out overnight.

Tomorrow, He’ll continue where He left off.



Then there are days of non-stop work.

The canvas cries out, “I’m tired! I have had enough!”

The Master lovingly ignores the pleas,

for He alone knows when to cease.



At times when your fears seem insurmountable,

and failure is your constant companion.

Rest assured His plan is bigger than the canvas:

He will work it ALL out!



Those things that hurt,

the wounding you have suffered,

He mixes His tears with dark shades of crimson…

…to remind you He’s been there with you, holding you

as you were shamed and mistreated.


Alas, The Master stands back,

the living canvas is nearing completion…NOT!

For this is the work of a lifetime.

May the fullness of the essence of God,

forever wash on your living canvas!



You Are His work of art on Display!

-Eva Santiago Copyright 2012