Ever been thrown under a bus?
Hell yeah that kills ya
Or so it feels like it
You think your heart’s been splattered
Cuz you thought to him you really mattered
Then it hits you:
DAMN!! You needed a friend
Some one to be there ‘til the end
And when it really mattered
He took your feelings
And to the 4 winds they scattered
Just when you hoped that to him you mattered
What you thought was there once
Turns out was never really there
Turns out it to him you never really mattered

So now what?
You  were thrown under a bus
But you weren’t run over
You dodged and you ducked
Not letting the weight of it all crush you to bits
And in all of that you found this:
Your own worth
Your own dignity
Your own strength

So next time you’re thrown under a bus:
Don’t let it kill ya
Don’t let it paralyze ya
Don’t let it get ya
Just know it’ll be over soon
Once the bus goes by
You’ll get up
Dust yourself off
And smile again at the moon!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013