Blind Man’s Braille Part 3

To: RB

A kiss

Is eternal

There is a whole lot more going on

Than just skin to skin touching

A kiss is:

2 souls discovering through:



Reading each other’s secret language

As the blind read braille


With your fingertips read my story

Read what’s encoded upon my flesh

As you read me I come alive

As I read your braille

I learn that like me: We’ve both so much survived

Your cells all fashioned perfectly

To make an amazing man


I read you’re afraid

You read I am scared

I read you’re insecure

You read I am far from pure

I read that you worry if you’re good enough

You read that I accept you with all of your flaws

I read that you lack love

You read that I am gentle as a dove

I read you’re scared of the serpent

You read I am only as wise as one

I read you fear dying alone

You read, come here welcome home…..

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


IMG_0878  blind man's braille 3


Blind Man’s Braille Pt 2

You are blind to love

It really is a game

Of blind man’s bluff


You look for love here

Maybe it’s there

Maybe it’s everywhere

Maybe it’s nowhere


You’re blind to love

Let me tell you how it is

The blind need seeing dogs

The blind need walking sticks

The blind need Braille


Oh, let those who have ears to hear:


Oh, let those who have eyes to see:



For the blind can feel love

From a mile in the air

The blind can feel love

From a mile below the deepest ocean


The blind can see love

And you who can see, miss it…

Let me be your blind man’s Braille

On my flesh is the code

Run your fingers upon me

Feel how I tremble when you do

Caress my soft flesh

As I set you free with my code


Walk your fingers on my skin

Read me slowly

Read me fast

Read me backwards

Read me forward

And you will learn one thing:

I am your blind man’s Braille

My love for you will never fail


I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And set yourself free

I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And feel yourself set sail

I am you blind man’s Braille

When you feel old

When you feel stale

Read me and live

Read me and forgive

I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And learn of The ONE who took for you that nail

I am your blind man’s Braille

When you’re in fear

Read me…

And know for certain true love is here….

EVA SANTIAGO Copyright 2013



Blind Man’s Braille

I found God in your kiss   2renfair

God is breath

We all carry His breath

Until our last day

Until our death

I found God in your kiss

A moment of pure bliss

One I’d never miss

One  I  can’t  easily dismiss

I found God in your touch

Like a blind man

Your fingertips caress my flesh

I am your blind man’s braille

My love for you will never fail…

I found God in your eyes

I heard God in your sighs

The darkness is a place of lies

Everytime we kiss-

The darkness in me dies

Everytime we touch-

I become stronger

I can stand longer

So I throw away my crutch.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013


April is National Poetry Month: Day 14


A man with everything

Always lacks some one

Don’t let ’em fool ya

People who brag about being some one-

Are usually no one

People who think themselves poor

Are actually quite rich

People who think they’ve arrived

Usually have a gazillion miles to go

People who think they shine

Are actually a galore of bore

People who think they’re hot

Are truly not

People who think too much

Do the thinking of the ones who don’t

People who think they are blind,

can actually see..if they so choose to.

People who claim they can’t hear-

Hear more than they let on

People who think themselves puny-

are usually the hidden giants among us.

People who think they’ve nothing to say-

Are the ones you wish would stay

People who think themselves mighty

Should see themselves first as lowly

People who think themselves dull

Are actually great beacons of  light,

leading ships into harbor

that have lost all their sight.

People who think themselves wise

Are usually the ones who fall for all their lies

Don’t judge a book by its cover?

Yeah, don’t be too quick to judge a man

Sit still in his presence

Soon you’ll see his true lover.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013