365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 53

The Grand Canyon

This is one of several shots I took of The Grand Canyon when I was there in 1998. The most amazing thing I discovered while I was there in the late afternoon, is that no matter where you stand, you feel tiny. I had never seen so many hues pop out all over,out of seemingly nowhere . The grand canyon defies description. I’m going to be so bold to use one word in a feeble attempt to describe it  : CAPTIVATING.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


I watched this clip and I instantly felt better for all those years in P.E. when I was always the last one picked for any team. Whether it was Dodge Ball or Soft Ball, it made no difference, I was a  girly girl and I didn’t do well with sports. I also used to think I was completely not athletic until I realized how wrong I was about myself. I’ve danced since I could walk and as an adult, I realized that dancing IS athletic in every sense. The dance floor is where it’s at for me. Back to the sports court though, THAT’S where I don’t belong! Enjoy the clip 🙂