365 Snap Shots of Life:Day 149

This post I am doing in honor of all of my family members and friends who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces. I want to thank: Mireya Ervin, Larry Ervin, Kristina Ervin, Diego Sanchez,  Kelli Bonds,Francisco Sanchez, Carlos Bello, Joe Brincat, David Brincat, Daniel Vargas, Mike Asher, Tamicko Deen, Tim Mears, Tammy Defoe, David Gonzalez , David Salazar, Mark Brage and Frank Sanchez for giving of your life, talents and time to fight for our freedom. Here are some funny pics to brighten your holiday! Enjoy 🙂


Nothing IS Something!


Nothing IS Something!
You said, ” Be still and know.”
I said, ” I don’t know how.”
I said, ” Let me do something great!”
You said, ” No, No, BE STILL! Do nothing.”
I freaked out, ” WHAT?! Are you serious??”
You said,” I don’t need any more super stars.”
I said, ” God, let me change the world for you.”
You said, ” Be faithful in the little things.”
I said, ” Ouch! No one will notice.”
You said, ” In your weakness I AM strong.”
I said, ” Please God, let me be a history maker.”
You said, ” You already are….
when you live for me, THAT”S something!
You’re good enough when you are nothing.”
Eva Santiago Copyright 2011


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