To a beautiful person I know…

Earth and Air
You walked by and did a double take
You stopped
When everyone rushed on through
You said hello
I said who are you
You said I’m looking for a home
I too have been all alone
You said I am here
Iam tempted to run
You said I have no fear
I said nothing is clear
You said let’s plant a seed
I said you are the one I need
You said you, I will not harm
I want to hold on to your arm
You said hold on then
My icy heart grows warm
You are earth
I am air

Eva Santiago copyright 2012


The Majestic Oak Tree

The majestic oak tree does not produce acorns until 50 yrs. old. Your greatest career capacity manifests after 50! It is the time when your personal history, wisdom and core gifting come to integrated maturity – “convergence” – and thus the time when you need to be open to a fresh INVITATION to join God in what HE IS DOING as you finish your race. Welcome to what you have been preparing for….your entire life.