Aveces no quiero que siga palpitando de alegría mi corazón 

La verdad es que este mundo ya perdió su cabeza

Me parece que estar aquí quizás ya no vale la pena

Eva Santiago ©2017



This is a call out to all creative souls:

“They need us now, more than at any other time in history , to create our works; to help creation make sense where there is nothing but chaos.”

Sing it

Dance it

Invent it

Design it

Write it

Paint it

Dream it up

Express it

But whatever you do…

Do your part 

A new era demands a new expression …

Eva Santiago  © 2017

What do you do when youth is fading fast?

Well darlin’ I must tell ya,
A heart made ready for aging in your glory days, will be what keeps you going when the last vestiges of bloom , sparkle and splendor make their lingering exit out the back door.

What prepares you best for your golden years? Being fully aware that your character has been tested in the furnace of much affliction. Knowing that the dross has been scooped away and what’s left is genuine precious metal .

Foolish are the ones who arrive at the doorstep of their golden years still covered in the dross of their vanities . What a wasted life! They refused the furnace of much affliction during their youth , when a soul can actually withstand such melting and refining . To be purified and tried during your golden years has got to be hell itself.

Eva Santiago © 2017


Your kids are yours for a blink in time

Hold their tiny and not so tiny hands while you still can

 Before you know it ,the future you prepared them for shows up to claim them 

And when that certain future comes around, you’re left with only memories to hold

Letting them go is heart ache never ending

Eva Santiago ©2017

Set Them Free

Wings are for flying, don’t set them back, set them free to soar heights you yourself never even dared to ascend to. Your young eagles will astound you with every feat they accomplish because you had the guts to release them when their time came.

Eva Santiago copyright 2017