Quotable Quotes #1


A New Song

maybe I’m wrong

maybe I’m right

whatever the fuck

I will never lose my sight

I will never lose my voice

though I’ve been silenced by the night

I will never give up the fight

not by power

not by might

but by the the brilliance ofΒ theΒ light

some trust in silver

some trust in gold

some trust only in themselves

many hearts have long grown cold

but I only know one thing

maybe I’m wrong

maybe I’m right

I only sing one song

it’s what my heart longs

to never lose my sight

to never lose my voice

in this crowded world

so many are blind

so many unkind

so many keen on being mean

so many spewing out filth

so many spitting out hatred and lies

andΒ this voice

andΒ thisΒ heart

only longs to write this world a love poem

to pen the lyrics to a most beautiful love song

I wanna teach the world a new harmony

I wanna tell the world a new fairy tale

where happily ever after is always now and never after









Photographs of the Future

Train your mind

Mentally photograph your future

Send yourself those photos

In the now

Of your intended future

Do it daily


Minute by minute

You’re living now, yesterday’s dreams, prayers and aspirations

Blink and your future will appear

Before your very eyes

Hold steadfast to what you see now ,in your mind’s eye

Make it grand!

Make it breathtaking!

Make it beautiful!

Eva Santiago Β© 2018

That Place In the ROCK

To overcome someone’s abuse of you means that after a time, perhaps several life times even; when you look back on that pain filled stage of your life, it’s hard to believe that it happened to you at all.

You begin to in bewilderment, ask yourself , did I really live that hell? Was I really treated so low by those I came to love and trust ?

The disbelief in your soul comes from knowing for yourself that you didn’t deserve any of that.

For some reason, by some higher design, you chose since before time, to go through that calvary. You became that rock that they could beat a place for themselves in.

Eva Santiago Β© 2018


She broke his heart and with its ink, tattooed it on her arm , proudly displaying it as an ornate masterpiece.

What ink colors your heart ?

Black: your soul mourns deeply

Blue: you’re a tranquil soul

Yellow: your heart’s full of light

Red is a passionate heart

Green is for the philanthropic

Purple ink in your heart shows you’ve been brave far too long and you deserve a Medal of Honor for your loving service

Orange ink is for the happy-go-lucky souls who coast through life

So what color does your heart bleed?

Eva Santiago Β© 2018

2018: SAVOR the Moment

2018: SAVOR the Moment

Happy 2018!!

Thank you to all my faithful readers who still follow this blog πŸ™‚

What a roller coaster of a year 2017 was. I’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit so that I can savor the moment!

I’m also studying a lot and my writing is on an upward growth curve. I’m back so don’t think that I’ve abandoned this blog that I started back in the summer of 2011. My oh my, how time flies when we’re having fun!

Eva Santiago COPYRIGHT 2018

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Small Beginnings

Don’t despise small beginnings. Just start with what you have. Time, faith and perseverance will take care of the rest.

We all began as a tiny cell inside our mother. Daily we grew because we trusted in time, faith and perseverance to usher us into life outside our mother’s body .

No matter where life has taken you; whether you crashed and burned once or numerous times; know that you’ll always get another chance to start anew.

Let’s not ever forget or despise all of our small beginnings… trust in small to birth the giant in you!

Eva Santiago Β© 2017