Delusions of Granduer

Pardon me, I seem to have run out of answers. My dear, you were delusional thinking you had any at all.

Eva Santiago copyright 2017



Your kids are yours for a blink in time

Hold their tiny and not so tiny hands while you still can

 Before you know it ,the future you prepared them for shows up to claim them 

And when that certain future comes around, you’re left with only memories to hold

Letting them go is heart ache never ending

Eva Santiago ©2017

Set Them Free

Wings are for flying, don’t set them back, set them free to soar heights you yourself never even dared to ascend to. Your young eagles will astound you with every feat they accomplish because you had the guts to release them when their time came.

Eva Santiago copyright 2017


The biggest turn off I know is when your loved ones are ungrateful:

Their ungraciousness slays:
Good vibes
Ungrateful people are actually little brats throwing temper tantrums
Let them be
They soon get over themselves 
If not , you move on 
Leave them behind to drown in their own churlish sea.

Eva Santiago © 2017


Judge N Jury

PARENTS: Our children are our judge and jury

There is no mock trial

We’re summoned daily 

And there’s no acquittal come execution day

Our last minute stay of execution will not come

As we’d hoped

But karma is a karmic wheel

She goes forward as well as back

Children then be careful, lest she rolls back on you

You will remember your judgements of us

When you become parents.

Eva Santiago © 2017


On Bended Knee

Sometimes our bended knee supplications mix with our tears , then all of heaven takes note. Abide there for that’s where clarity resides.
Eva Santiago © 2017