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IGW, [14.12.20 17:02]
Very interesting.

From Jenna Ellis…

Today, the electoral college votes will be sealed and sent by special carrier to Washington where they will remain sealed until January 6th when the House and Senate will come into a joint session to open the votes. The media is going to make you believe that it’s all over and Joe Biden is now officially president…

On January 6th, Nancy Pelosi will sit down with the rest of the House members as she has no special power or authority over the hearing… Vice President Mike Pence will have all the authority as president of the Senate for that day and will accept or reject motions to decide the next steps by the assembly.

Remember… Mike Pence is in full authority that day as written in the Constitution. The ballots will be certified today but that means nothing…

The votes will be opened and at that point, one House member could, and most likely will, raise their hand to object to the Vice President on the state of elector’s votes. That objection could cover fraud or any other reason, and with the seconding of that objection, everything changes. Everything!!

The House and Senate will divide for two hours (at least) to debate, then vote. The vote will be per Senator with the Vice President being the deciding vote if needed in the Senate, while the vote in the House will only be ONE vote per delegation, per state, not per House member!!! The Republicans have 30 delegation votes compared to the Democrats with 20 delegation votes.

If this scenario runs true, President Trump gets re-elected.

The Democrats, the media, social networks, and globalists around the world will come unhinged and chaos will erupt. Bigly!!

President Trump is trying to do the right thing and go through the courts first, expose all the fraud, but we all knew that none of the courts, even the Supreme Court wanted to touch this issue with a 10-ft pole!

This is why our forefathers were so brilliant because they knew something like this could happen someday. So, don’t listen to the media and all their deception and lies. All you have to do is read the Constitution and you know that the law, policies, and procedures, in the end, are on our side.

Tic Toc… Tic Toc…

Hold the Line🇺🇸💯🇺🇸

We are in the midst of something absolutely unprecedented. So take everything you thought you knew about how things work and toss it to the side. Things won’t happen in your way and on your timeline. Things are going to happen exactly as they should and when they should.

@SidneyPowell1 has put everything on the line for this. If you think for a second she’d do that without the goods you’d be crazy. The evidence will be presented in a COURT OF LAW. The time for the court of public opinion to judge the fraud has passed. You know it exists, I know

it exists and anyone denying it exists is insane – let them go. Now is the time for evidence to be shown to a COURT OF LAW. And no amount of bloviating or foot stamping or tantrums from the clowns they put out there to keep you on edge is going to matter. There are

no “journalists” in the major arena anymore. Only actors. Stop making them relevant. All of them have lied to you for years, some more insidiously than others – pretending in order to gain your trust and then turning on you to turn your resolve – because they thought they

had power over you that they do not have. You’ve proven you broke free. STOP giving them power. STOP feeding their machine. STOP letting them control the narrative by giving it air. START knowing this right now.

There is a country hanging in the balance and they have lost – stop acting like they’ve won. Strengthen your resolve. Strengthen your determination. Do not waver. Do not waffle. Stay strong and HOLD. THE. LINE.

-Tracy Beanz