Trust the Process

MITCH SPEAKS and satisfies all those of us who wonder why Republicans never speak up when we need them to speak!



“So let’s talk about where we are now.

“According to preliminary results, voters across the nation elected and re-elected Republican Senators to a degree that stunned prognosticators.

“Likewise, the American people seem to have reacted to House Democrats’ radicalism and obstruction by shrinking the Speaker’s majority and electing more Republicans there.

“And then there is the presidential race.

“Obviously, no states have yet certified their election results. We have at least one or two states that are already on track for a recount. And I believe the President may have legal challenges underway in at least five states.

“The core principle here is not complicated. In the United States of America, all legal ballots must be counted; any illegal ballots must not be; the process should be transparent or observable by all sides, and the courts are here to work through concerns.

“Our institutions are built for this. We have the system in place to consider concerns. And President Trump is 100% within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options.

Twenty years ago, when Florida came down to a very thin margin, we saw Vice President Gore exhaust the legal system and wait to concede until December.

“More recently, weeks after the media had “called” President Bush’s re-election in 2004, Democrats baselessly disputed Ohio’s electors and delayed the process in Congress.

“The 2016 election saw recounts or legal challenges in several states.

“If any major irregularities occurred this time, of a magnitude that would affect the outcome, then every single American should want them to be brought to light. And if Democrats feel confident they have not occurred, they should have no reason to fear any extra scrutiny.

“We have the tools and institutions we need to address any concerns. The President has every right to look into allegations and request recounts under law.

“And notably the Constitution gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations.

The projections and commentary of the press do not get veto power over the legal rights of any citizen, including the President.

“More broadly, let’s have no lectures about how the President should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election.

“And who insinuated this one would be illegitimate, too, if they lost again.

“Let’s have no lectures on this subject from that contingent.

“In late August, Secretary Hillary Clinton said, quote, ‘Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances… I think this is going to drag out, and… he will win if we don’t give an inch.’

That same month, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader both stated, quote, ‘[President Trump] needs to cheat to win.’

“In October, when Speaker Pelosi was shopping some conspiracy theory about the Postal Service, she recklessly said, quote, ‘I have no doubt that the president… will lie, cheat, and steal, to win this election.’

“Does this sound like a chorus that has any credibility to say a few legal challenges from President Trump represent some kind of crisis?

At this time last week, small-business owners in cities across America were boarding up their windows in case President Trump appeared to win and far-left mobs decided to reprise their summertime rioting.

“Suffice to say a few legal inquiries from the President do not exactly spell the end of the Republic.

“Here’s how two professors from Fordham Law School and New York Law School put it:

“ Quote: ‘For centuries, we have asked people who are unhappy with their fellow citizens or government agencies and institutions to bring their claims to court.’

“President Trump’s is ‘a traditional response that affirms rather than undermines American institutions.’


“This process will reach its resolution. Our system will resolve any recounts or litigation. In January, the winner of this election will place his hand on a Bible.

“Just like it’s happened every four years since 1793.

“What we know for sure is that the outcome is guaranteed to delight tens of millions of Americans and disappoint tens of millions of Americans.

“But we also know that we will wake up on January 21st, still blessed to live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

FROM LANCE: Be strong. Stay informed. Don’t let the INFORMATION warfare overpower you. It’s now LAWFARE as court cases advance. Don’t pray nervous PRAYER’S but pray for the exposure of the hidden works of darkness.


This was posted in Skype:Qu Ed 3 Hrs 👉👉The Media knows that once THEY declare Joe Biden as president that THEY have now put themselves into a whole new catagory of criminal charges. 👉👉 Behind the scenes the Democratic caucus is in shambles. It’s literally falling completely apart 👉👉 We are witnessing the demise of the Demoncrates and their party 👉👉 Sun Tzu warfare ….Right now The enemy is in the process of destroying itself …. never interfere 👉👉The main objective is for the corruption to expose the players they can’t hide 👉👉No matter what it looks like on the surface we only see 20%….80% is covert and going on behind the scenes…. setting up for the next act in the play 👉👉 Election must go to the courts so that the people can see the wide spread corruption it will make the people beg for reform ….that’s where Trump comes in and that’s where every corrupt politician gets the boots. 👉👉Remember Wikileaks said 98% of Congress is complicit and guilty of sedition.. crimes against humanity and treason 👉👉 There has to be a stage set for the removal of these people from congress and this falls in line with covid and election fraud and everything that has been exposed the past 4 years… 👉👉 The public is witnessing ALLL OF THIS CORRUPTION 1ST HAND. 👉👉The media and big tech the rhino republicans and the Dems have emptied their clips into Trump for the past 4 years and he’s still right there in their face doing whats right for America 👉👉Remember you are watching a MOVIE 👉👉 In the end Trump wins 👉👉 You are witnessing the greatest political story to ever be told …unfold in front of your eyes in real time. 👉👉Take that to the bank –Seth Nasi–QuEd-