Biden Hologram

From a British friend:
4h ·
I said a while back that what we are about to see is the bifurcation of Reality. The Mandela effect supreme.
The United states as an illegal corporation created by the bloodline crime syndicates and sustained by the federal reserve is now officially dead. Beyond resurrection.
What remains now is a military system of governance until a more formal leadership structure can be established using the new principles of quantum economics.
Essentially, hierarchical based leadership, fuelling and fuelled by satanic occultism has now been uprooted from the western world and what remains is simply a gory clean up operation.
The reason why “Biden as president” is a necessary hologram for much of the world to affix to is simply because most souls are too infantile to accept the new reality on earth.
Thus the Biden hologram is a gradual weaning program, a sort of mass psychic breastfeeding for the late bloomers so that the potentially catastrophic shock to their mental construct is delayed.
For the grown-ups we can now watch the news as a TOTAL PARODY of reality, the ultimate cartoon as we observe the real world transition assisted by the military.
We can also assist the process of bringing the pedophiles, child rapists, torturers and murderers to justice as the Saturnian brotherhood is overthrown once and for all, cast into the abyss for all time.
In short, there is now no such thing as objective reality. There is only free riding and trainer wheels. No judgement.

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