Sometimes it’s not about where you went; sometimes it’s all about being everywhere and nowhere in particular, with the one who holds your heart in his hand when it matters the most.

Eva Santiago © 2018

Colorado River Sunset 2018

The Power of Things

Happy 7th birthday to my blog! That’s right, 7 years ago I began this blog with zero followers and I want to thank YOU, my readers for sticking it out with me. I’ve always said that if my words fail to touch the heart or mind of my reader, then it’s time to find another way of self expression. So far, I hear very few complaints 😀 Here’s to many more years to come!!!


Money’s power can corrupt

And the power of a gold heart can heal the whole world

The power of darkness corrodes,enslaves and destroys

And the power of light can set 10,000 to flight

The power of a curse can humiliate and oppress

And the power of a single kind word puts wings on a chained up heart

The power of hate serves to annihilate

And love’s power is to create

The power of reason is to confine

And the power of faith is to define