Thought of the day:

I think God has fun watching all the bullshit we try to pull on one another , daily. We are amusing creatures!




Then grab life by the horns!

Eva Santiago copyright 2018

A New Song

maybe I’m wrong

maybe I’m right

whatever the fuck

I will never lose my sight

I will never lose my voice

though I’ve been silenced by the night

I will never give up the fight

not by power

not by might

but by the the brilliance of the light

some trust in silver

some trust in gold

some trust only in themselves

many hearts have long grown cold

but I only know one thing

maybe I’m wrong

maybe I’m right

I only sing one song

it’s what my heart longs

to never lose my sight

to never lose my voice

in this crowded world

so many are blind

so many unkind

so many keen on being mean

so many spewing out filth

so many spitting out hatred and lies

and this voice

and this heart

only longs to write this world a love poem

to pen the lyrics to a most beautiful love song

I wanna teach the world a new harmony

I wanna tell the world a new fairy tale

where happily ever after is always now and never after