F.E.A.R. : false evidence appearing real

They taught us to fear everything .

I taught you that to fear is to be nothing

Don’t ever fear death

It comes soon enough 
They taught us to love yourself above all else

I taught you, lay down your life and the sky itself can’t contain you
They taught us to chase after the trappings of a fine life

I taught you never chase after those; they’ll trap and kill you before your time
They taught us white picket fences encircling stick houses make a heart glad

I taught you, make your heart glad by what fills your heart, your mind and your soul
They taught us to live, drink and be merry for tomorrow we all die

I taught you that in order to live, really live, one must first be buried in good soil in order to be brought back to life in due season and in due time.

Eva Santiago © 2017