She said, ” I know you and I wish to unknow you now.” He chuckled as if to frighten her, “Try as hard as you want, you’ll never be rid of me .” She persisted , “Oh watch me! You’re nothing but an old memory and you no longer have power over me !” He stammered now, knowing her choice was quickly disintegrating what little grip he had left, ” But, but , d-d-don’t you remember we’ve been friends since childhood ?!” She tossed her long locks , laughing a laughter she hadn’t felt since the day she last saw her father alive and answered him, “Oh, I know when I let you in and now I am letting you go for as memory serves me right , you are nothing but an age old enemy whom I’ve let do me more harm than I should have ever.” With that, the old memory picked up his baggage, filled with anxiety, dread and angst,which he’d convinced her for so long was hers, and took off walking in the opposite direction from where she stood . He left no trail of dust .He vanished into oblivion and she arose, a new creature now there stood before her. She said the words and new life came . The struggle was indeed over.

-Eva Santiago
© 2016