Our yesterdays become today’s poetry

What mis-guided steps we took in earlier days

Become the compass to guide or mis-guide us through life’s tempests in later years

Our flood of tears that overwhelmed us as babes

Water and keep fertile our heart’s soil in our golden years

Our early attempts at art:

Our stick figures we clumsily drew and our finger paintings

Become the force behind master strokes

On the masterpiece we paint of our whole life

The notes we failed to carry when we were tone deaf

Become the notes angelic beings carry to and fro

Up and down Jacob’s ladder

Aligning the celestial harmonies

Between our heavenly residence and our earthly abode

The multitude of our unanswered questions

We asked while at our parent’s knees

Become our song’s lyrics

The stuff of our novels , stories and poems

We are greater than the sum of earth’s square footage

We are greater than the power of all rulers, past and present combined

Our greatness emanates from the Divine!

Eva Santiago copyright 2016




We all drink from a certain cup
Bitter or sweet,
We take our daily libations from life’s fountain
A drink from a bitter cup has to be chased by a sip from the sweet one
or how would we make it?

Some choose bitter some choose sweet
Then there are those of us who figured long ago both are essential,
you can’t have bitter without the sweet
you can’t have sweet without the bitter

A babe craves sweet as it can’t handle bitter
The mature turn bitter from having swallowed the delusions that come with too much sweet
Too much sweet rots you from the inside out
So does too much bitter

Some drink their cups of shattered scraps as if that’s all there is
A wilder mind accepts that bitter and sweet cups are the stuff of life’s elixir
The bitter enhances the sweet and the sweet softens the bitter
You weren’t meant to drown in your bitter gall
Nor were you meant to be pacified by all that is sweet
The bitter tames your soul, makes it pliable
The sweet enhances all that is good in you

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2016


Multiple ExposuresΒ 

Multiple Exposures 
Some take a life time to find love

Some take only a few,short

CLICK…CLICK…CLICK…multiple exposures 


They are in,head over heals 

They let love in as their heart’s aperture stood wide open

And just like that, they let love’s light in!

Some take a while longer…

Don’t give up on those who take in less of love’s light.
Eva Santiago copyright 2016


A Tragic Death

” The age of good hospitality had died with the birth of this new generation.” -Miguel
The above quote is from one of my creative writing class students. Miguel is 16 years old and he has a brilliant future ahead of him in this craft.

Eva Santiago copyright 2016



We are all bound to each other in one form or another 

Want to know about someone’s life?

Look at their history

Their life writes a whole encyclopedia of facts

Just as the universe invites us to solve its mysteries

Our inter connectedness is related 

Each hour of our lives to the millenia of times 

The troubles of a man’s soul are a direct reflection of a nation in crisis.

Eva Santiago copyright 2016