Caught on Film Part 1

I want to thank all the readers who stop by my blog. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel these past few weeks in California. So I am posting pictures of some of the places I have experienced , as my way of showing you, my readers, my deep appreciation. More to come as this is part one of this post 🙂

Eva Santiago copyright 2015


Monterey, California
Monterey , California
Asilomar, California
Carmel, California
Nyes Place, California
Huntington Beach
Torrance, California

Lost in Thought

Take your thoughts captive

Shackle them even

Or you’ll be their prisoner

The thoughtless think less

Paying no attention to their thought life

The price is high when one surrenders

To every single thought

Not all thoughts are created equal

Not all thoughts deserve your attention

The thoughtful are wise;

It’s wisdom to not be captivated by every thought

Take your thoughts captiveimage image image image

YOU, control them!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2015