WRITER’S BLOCK: Myth or Fact?

Eva Santiago

Le refuge du marais...!!!

A while back my Mama and I were discussing โ€œwriterโ€™s blockโ€œ. My second daughter has also asked ย me what I think about it. I ย believe there isnโ€™t such a thing as โ€œwriterโ€™s blockโ€; I told my Mama and my daughter, ย why further torture yourself when you havenโ€™t anything to say. You see this is what I know from my own personal experience as a writer. I write when I have something to say; during those times when I donโ€™t, I know my creative flow is marinading in its own juices, so why not be at peace with it instead of beating your creative being up?

I see it as a time of reflection, when I go out and enjoy life and with my mental camera, ย Iโ€™m snapping snap shots of life away and filing them for later use. So let me encourage you today by saying: Walkโ€ฆ

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