Will I Ever Know the Outer Fringes of You?

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Will I ever know the outer fringes of you?

Will I ever let you know mine?

What can be found in your out skirts?

I’ll tell you what you might find in mine…

A slow down sign or two

A proceed with caution sign too

I’ll only roll out the red carpet to welcome you into my inner city

IF and only when I find you  worthy

In my outer city limits you’ll see a cheap motel

For the lone traveler just passing through

Stay the night and no longer than that

You’ll also find a cheap diner

Where you  can eat on the go

You’ll find a gas station

One with several sun faded signs

Where gas is just 10 cents a gallon

I want you to hurry and fuel up

So you can leave as fast as you can.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014




There is a smell and feel of dawn long before the light


Dawn smells like:




An untraveled path


A rose about to bloom


A hot cup of steaming green tea



There is a smell and feel of dawn long before light


Dawn feels like:


A newborn’s breath on my cheek


My lover’s kiss on my eager lips


A hug from some one I’ve not hugged in a while


An unexpected smile

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014

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