Your Name on the Door

I’ve always been a good swimmer
Until the day we met
That’s when I wanted to
Drown myself in you
Take all of you in
Every single last drop
So none is wasted
I want to immerse myself in you

I always played it safe
Until we met
That was my heart’s last comfortable day
I decided right then
To cast off my life jacket
And I’m so glad I did

You continue to show me new ways to swim against the current
Because of you, the 10 foot waves no longer intimidate
Because of you, I can surf the high tide
And if no tide comes
I can stay put knowing it’ll be there tomorrow
Just as sure as it was here today

I was dead from the pain
My heart was used to being kicked around and smashed into infinitesimally, tiny shards

That was then, this is now

Come rest in my heart’s room
The one with your name on the door
You’ll be safe there
You’ll be nurtured and fed
I ask this from you:
Never raise your voice
Never slam the door
Never stomp angrily about
Never break any windows
Never punch any walls
Follow these simple steps
And in my heart you’ll forever stay….

EVA SANTIAGO ©2014-2019

More Than This?

Who can love you more than this?
When I look at you
When I hold you
When I whisper your name
Who can love you more than this
When I look you in your eyes
When I tell you you’re a beautiful human being
Who can love you more than this
When I text you first thing
When I pray for you
Asking God to keep you safe
When I massage the stress out of your stressed out ,achy body
When I caress your face
Please tell me who can love you more than this
When I tell you I love your soul
I love your heart
I love your spirit
I love your mind
Tell me, who can love you more than this?
Now, won’t you do the same for me?

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014