Busy Mind # 15

Preacher’s Kid

The preacher’s daughter

Quasi perfection

Like a Marlon Brando movie

Something  forbidden

A short ride

Ten miles out

He rode away

Leaving Chloe there-hurting,scared and ashamed

The product of unspoken pain

No money to feed another

Chloe wished to die

Tainted child-product of an evil act

Was Chloe a monster?

Her bottomless grief-a maelstrom of darkness

The pages fell shut

What time was it?

Time to go back

No more family secrets.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013



Altered Book: Family Secrets/Cheryl Zach


Busy Mind #14


She checked her map again

Excitement coursed through her

Where is Shady Valley-the place of the shadow of death?

Maybe this wasn’t the right way

Discouragement fatigued her

She took one wrong turn

She was glimpsing a new world

The vision faded

She took a deep breath

She kicked at a rock

Fighting to keep her balance

Tomorrow would tell

If she lived or died

Her soul too strong

To die in her fragile flesh.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Altered Book: Family Secrets/Cheryl Zach