Busy Mind #9

What is success?

Is it starting the journey with one single step?

Is it believing,knowing,trusting and envisioning that you can do it?

Is success a means to an end?

An end only to begin anew?

Is success seeing the beauty that others miss as they rush on to their hour of glory and fame?

Is success spending one night with someone you truly love?

Is success spending a life time searching for a love you have yet to encounter?

Are seekers of love considered successful?…Seek and ye shall find.

Why is success assigned a price tag when it is actually far beyond sums and figures?

One man died for the masses on a false accusation by the throng. The multitudes executed him and many came to believe after his humiliating capital punishment. So, was he successful?

I to live for yourself success?

Is to die for others success?

To succeed is to turn out well-so if things go well with you, why aren’t most people content with that?

Or is it that people are more consumed with getting their 15 minutes of fame? Do people equate 15 minutes in the spot light to success? If so, success seems something shallow and fleeting. Isn’t success beyond that?

Live your life right and that alone is success. Success is hardly what the crowds have made it .

Truly successful people haven’t the time to stop and ponder whether they’ve arrived at their own desired out come. They just know.

Live a successful life and others will follow. That is the mark! When you’re a success, you become a magnet,influencing others just by your presence. Success therefore, is being fully present in whatever stage of life you’re in.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013