Roam if you want to.
Go where you want to.
Feel what you want, or donโ€™t.
See what you want or, donโ€™t.
Say what you want,or donโ€™t.
Laugh only if itโ€™s funny to you.
Cry only if it moves you.
Own yourself and be proud of yourself.
Hug if you want to or donโ€™t.
Kiss if you feel like it or donโ€™t.
Dance in the rain or donโ€™t.

Walk when you feel like walking and donโ€™t let anyone make you run if you donโ€™t want to.

Share only if you want to because sometimes there are things that only belong to you.

Say no when you want to.
Say yes only when you want to.
Say, โ€œ I love you.โ€ Only when you want to and not because it was expected of you.

Be shy when you want to and when you want to be bold do it.
Be true only to you and own your truth.
Dance with someone or alone-but do it anyway.
Go where there are people or stay in alone.
Look at the sunset or donโ€™t.
Write a love letter and keep it forever or not.
Write a love story and share or take it to your grave.
Compose a love song and sing it or not.
Whatever you do, do it for you!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013