April is National Poetry Month: Day 15


Haze of purple on my curtains

Dancing,swaying on my window

Side to side, Back and forth

Of this I am quite certain:

Cool breezes blow in from the north,

Of this I am quite certain:

Heat’s a comin’ by the fourth.


Hazy purple hues of grape,

I lazily drift away

to a time when things weren’t better

and I was ok  ‘cuz I didn’t know better.


Hazy purple grape and lilac

I’m now in a better place

Hazy purple, grape and lavender

Lookin’ in the mirror I see my face

This is a place of surrender

My memories no one can replace.

-Eva Santiago COPYRIGHT 2013


The World in the Window

April is National Poetry Month Day:15

Owl in a Coffee Cup

The sun shone high
In the corner of the sky
Cut off by the window frame
The meadows were green
I saw stallions lean
In the world of the window frame

It was a starry starry night
A painter’s paradise
The one I think Van Gogh saw
It was an old window frame
Not special in any way
But the view it held had no flaw

A frosty world lay beyond
A white wonderland lay beyond
I saw clockwork snowflakes fall
Snowmen waved ‘how do you do’
Children snowballed each other through and through
And grew into snow forts did walls

So if you stop and think awhile
You’ll see there are paintings around
Just look through the nearest window
For beauty whispers to us without a sound

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Rainbow Silhouettes

April is National Poetry Months: Day 15

Owl in a Coffee Cup

They cast themselves across the skies

In colours ranging seven

They covered the world in merry shades

As they reached out to heaven


They stretched themselves ever far

And disappeared into the clouds

Leading to a pot of gold somewhere

Under a Leprechaun’s shroud


I wondered if God had painted

The world in different hues

But changed his mind several times

Because of bad reviews


Oh what a sight they were

The rainbow silhouettes

The Ancient Birds flocked down upon me

And I was caught in their colour nets

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