Show ‘Em the Door!

Some one thinks you’re not worth loving?
Don’t waste your tears
‘fore you’re feet hit the floor
And you ponder their poisonous daggers
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door

Some one treats you like dirt caked on their boots?
Don’t think about it
Don’t let their actions choke you
One, two, three, four
Show ‘em the door , show ‘em the door

Some one thinks less of you?
Than you think of yourself
Don’t think ‘bout it no more
Cuz see, they are really poor
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door.

We put up with way too much
We put up with things God never intended us to
We give others permission to mistreat us
So don’t stay there like before
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door

Belittle and it shows others YOUR little
Cut another down to size
Just like a carver with a knife whittles
Do that to a heart to suit yourself
And you’ll be the one played like a fiddle

Some one says you can be replaced?
Like a button
Like a light bulb
Like a kidney or a heart
Then one day YOU’LL be the one who’ll have to go
You’ll be the one who’s been displace.

So be careful when you say that
Forever Be forewarned:
Treating others carelessly and with contempt
Will leave you empty, displaced and poor
And you’ll only wish you could once more knock on their door.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013



Life is Seldom Clean-Cut

Life Is Seldom Clean-Cut

Life is seldom clean-cut
One stage doesn’t end neatly
And another begins
Life is seldom clean-cut
Like the waves in the ocean
They crash, thunder and roll
Speeding away to reach the shore
Life is seldom clean-cut
Spring rolls into summer
Summer melts into autumn
Falling leaves announce winter
Everything dies
Come spring everything dead arises

Life is seldom clean-cut
A life grows in the dark
For 9 months in seclusion
No one knows what it looks like
No one knows what this person will become
9 months later, life greets the lil one
Everyone says we’re glad you made it…WELCOME!

Life seldom is clean-cut
Relationships never end over night
Bad words spoken
Bitter seeds sown
For too many times a heart is broken
Too many threats flew, too many fights
Then the heart can no longer cry

A heart once whole
Now lays there in pieces
Like a fragmented puzzle
It would have been better
If the red zone dog who broke it
Had been faithful and worn his muzzle

All the pieces scattered about
And day after day
And night after night
She lays there in fear
She is trying so damn hard not to doubt

Life is seldom clean-cut
The old is over
Yet there’s a promise of life
At the end of the dark tunnel
It beckons her
“ Come, come closer, to the light.”

Life is seldom clean-cut
Words spoken behind close doors
Undoubtedly will make it outside
Be ever so careful
Words spoken in secret
Will be shouted from the roof top
Deeds done under cover
Will be exposed and expunged.

Life is seldom clean-cut
Stab a soul in the back
Pull out the knife
Exit wounds hurt far more
Than the initial one
Keep doing her wrong
And soon she’ll say so long
Keep doing her wrong
And she’ll only grow strong
Keep doing her wrong
And she’ll start singing a new song

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013




Victor Hugo once penned:
“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
With that in mind
Why do we treat our neighbor
As if he were a mere dog?
If we see God in all our neighbors
Why are we so nasty
And forget to do them kind favors

And just who is our neighbor?
At times the ones you live with
Some are friends
Still others, those with whom you labor
Your husband, wife, children you both created
Blood relatives both near and far
These are all our fellow-man
Yet we forget in whose image we were all created

The hobo down the street, without a home,
The druggie, the hooker, the derelict,
The nice clean-cut guy in the business suit,
The soldier fighting his guts out to keep us free
The baby whose life was aborted
The teen girl who tore her baby from her womb from fear
The teen boy who got her pregnant
The rapist, serial killer, the convict ending his life on death row
Yeah, yeah, yeah, these are our fellow-man
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, God weeps when souls are lost
To hell’s eternal flames
And we ought to also weep
‘Cause to lose a soul is too high a cost

How dare we think that we’re better than another?
“To love another person is to  see the face of God”
We look down our noses and despise each other
It’s become a world where dog bites dog
We have lost direction in every way
When a child beats his father and spits on his own mother
I believe God’d own heart weeps
And when we make God cry
May we for His grace and mercy cry.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Ever been thrown under a bus?
Hell yeah that kills ya
Or so it feels like it
You think your heart’s been splattered
Cuz you thought to him you really mattered
Then it hits you:
DAMN!! You needed a friend
Some one to be there ‘til the end
And when it really mattered
He took your feelings
And to the 4 winds they scattered
Just when you hoped that to him you mattered
What you thought was there once
Turns out was never really there
Turns out it to him you never really mattered

So now what?
You  were thrown under a bus
But you weren’t run over
You dodged and you ducked
Not letting the weight of it all crush you to bits
And in all of that you found this:
Your own worth
Your own dignity
Your own strength

So next time you’re thrown under a bus:
Don’t let it kill ya
Don’t let it paralyze ya
Don’t let it get ya
Just know it’ll be over soon
Once the bus goes by
You’ll get up
Dust yourself off
And smile again at the moon!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013