Flor del Decierto

Una flor que nacio en el decierto
Me haces feliz
Eso es muy cierto
Te digo que te amo
Te digo que te quiero
Mi bella flor del decierto

Eres una luz
Una linda fragancia
Resplandeciente sonrisa tienes
Creces mas linda cada dia
Ya pronto terminara tu infancia
Sigue tus sueños niña divina ,
por que todo esta a tu alcance.
-Eva Santiago copyright 2012
I wrote this poem for my youngest daughter who just turned 12 yesterday. I hope you like it!!


Mirame: Look  me in the eye

Tell me you don’t care for me

Tell me there’s nothing left

In your heart for us.

Mirame: Look me in the eye

Tell me your heart-

Still doesn’t flutter

When you hear my voice on the telephone…

Mirame: Look me in the eye

Tell me you don’t

Dream of me-

And you holding me close

Mirame: Look me in the eye

Tell me you don’t

Lose count of the times

You found yourself thinking of us…

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

A Sunset in a Rose

A sunset in a rose:

The sun came up

It traveled west

Found its home in a rose.

The rose bud opened

After a long repose

One by one the petals blossomed-

The the sun set in the rose

A dozen roses have I

All heavenly scented

Had a tear in my eye

Made my heart glad

Made me sing

A sunset in a rose

Such a beautiful thing!

-Eva Santiago  copyright 2012