I was at The Coffee House last night enjoying open mic night once again. The music was jumping and so was my pen! It inspired me to write these 2 poems. Nothing tops live music as a wonderful muse to put my pen to work! Enjoy your week-end my amazing readers 🙂


The beat, the beat,

I feel the heat.

I feel you deep.

I feel you  slow-

Oh, the beat is wild!

It makes me smile.

That slow,



cascading BEAT!

I feel alive!

I feel all right.

The beat-it’s deep from inside,

it makes you glide.

Every human heart is alive,

as long as you draw breath,

you’ll feel the beat.

You’re gonna fall in love-

trip up and fall headlong…


Don’t EVER hold back.

The beat, the beat,

it’s gonna kick ya,

’til you can’t get enough.

The beat baby,

yeah, that’s what I mean.

The beat, the beat…

C’mon feel the heat!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


The Universe sings,

Alive with a new song.

Creations beckons us,

Fly if you have the wings

Let yourself feel.

Let yourself feel for the first time.

Let yourself feel human,

Let yourself know it’s all good.

Tell your heart-it’s ok to cry.

Tell your heart-it’s ok to fail,

After you try and try.

Next time you feel as in a jail;

Tell your heart:

My soul is not for sale.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


2 thoughts on “UNIVERSAL BEATS

  1. Hey Eva,
    I love open mic nights! I have played my guitar and sang at a few of them at a coffee house many times and at one pub! I love many different genres of music my favorite being rock & heavy metal. I play rock, folk and gospel mostly! I loved your poems! I liked what your said in Universal about telling your heart it is ok to cry and its ok to fail. We all need to remind ourselves of that! Thanks for the blogs, have a great week!


    1. Thank you James! Coffee Houses are GREAT!! I am so glad you like my poems..I believe if I can touch even one soul with my words, I have done my jobs as a writer. I appreciate your comments so much 🙂


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