Poets Unite! Poetry Jam

Last night The Henderson poets met again at the Coffee House; Thanks Don Watkins for giving us a home and what a nice casa! I am sharing some of the poems I read at the poetry jam  with you today. Last night we heard from some new voices and that’s what makes hosting a poetry group so exciting. As the adage goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover, because if you do , you’ll never know what you can miss. Poetry opens us up to the souls and hearts of others. When people take the courage to share their own personal work in front of a group, I applaud them because they are putting  their lives out there on display; that is not easy to do. I look forward to more poetry jams and I want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE what I do 🙂

I think I may have jinxed the Detroit Tigers 🙂 I wrote this poem on the first day of the World Series, not having any idea that The Giants would take it.

Giants VS Tigers

How can a giant beat out a tiger? Or how can a tiger beat out a giant? That’s easy! They get together and play ball!
1st Inning: The giants fight off the tigers with their baseball bats.
2nd Inning: The tigers maul the umpires over a couple of bad calls.
3rd Inning: The Jolly Green Giant scores a home run on a pitch by Tigger who is busy jumping around as usual.
4th Inning: Tigger shuts out the Jolly Green Giant.
5th Inning: The Jolly Green Giant hit’s a grand slam. The frozen vegetables in the stands go wild!
6th Inning: Tigger holds back the Giants and shuts them down by not giving them any runs, just a single base hit.
7th Inning: The tigers and Giants are tied 4 a piece in this the last game of the world series.
8th Inning: The Jolly green Giant steals 3rd base all to the tiger’s great dismay. Jolly brings it home and now Giants lead Tigers 5-4!!
9th Inning: Tigger throws the last pitch to Jolly who strikes out. Game over the Giants send the streak of tigers streaking down left field! And that’s how the giants beat the tigers!!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012




Poets Unite! Poetry Jam

A long time ago I heard a preacher say that if we don’t share our talents and gifts with the world, we become thieves. We all have great talents. How many people though, never step out and bless the world with their gifts. Our talents are not just for us. They are to help make this life better and more amazing!

Last night I began a new thing; I hosted a poetry jam at my home away from home, The Coffee House. I was a bit anxious about it. I worried because I was afraid no one would come. Boy did I waste my time worrying!! We had 25+ people show  up to our first meeting last night!! Their  were young poets and poets from all walks of life. This very talented woman shared a piece about her trip to New Orleans and it was so vivid, her words took be back to when I went to that beautiful place in my teens. This other poet a young man, recited a poem he wrote from memory. I  admire poets who can  get up to the mic and do that without any prior preparation.

There were several writers from my writing group, WRITING ROYALTY in attendance and they shared as well.

And lastly, there was a young woman by the name of Leslie Stein who shared her 365 Soul Notes with us and she inspired me!! I plan to have her as a featured artist soon! This is her picture 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/SoulNotesWithLeslieStein

I broke past the fear and I did something I always wanted to do! The Henderson Poets will meet every Tuesday night at 7pm in The Coffee House located on 117. S. Water Street, Henderson, NV. If you are local, come by and join us!  Next Tuesday, Derik Jordan, a local guitar player will be our featured artist. This young man played Walk The Line and he sounded just like Johnny Cash!! Please like our The Henderson Poets Group Page on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/TheHendersonPoets

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012




Dear followers of my blog,

I know I have not posted recently about my new book, SALSA! The Taste of Life. The book is finished and SOON it will be available to you. Right now I’m working with my publicist who is getting ready to set a release date for me. I will give you more details as I get them. Mean while, please read this post and please do what  the picture below suggests; don’t just do this for my book when it comes out, show  other writers your love and that you enjoy our work. Your reviews mean so much. THANKS!! My readers are THE BEST!!

All my love and appreciation to you- my dear readers,






Word Picture #12

Broken Window

What does it mean

When I look in your face

And your soul is blank

When I look in your face

And your demons stand as in rank

What does it mean

When I reach out for a hug

You look down at your shoes

And all you do is shrug

I’ll tell you what it means to me:

Stop looking through that old broken window; it’s busted from years of rocks pelting it. First stone you threw, it cracked from top to bottom. It was not a clean break- jagged,taking up the whole window. Then came bigger rocks, chipping away at the surface,until one day a huge boulder came crashing through…such a terrific noise it made! What a great explosion, it took out all the glass. Now what’s left is an empty window pane;  the house is debris filled from the winds that blow in from all the four corners. Dust,rain,leaves all blowing in. And this is the window you want me to keep looking through? No thanks, I’ve better things to do.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

Eres tú

ERES  tú

Eres mi espejo

cuando te miro

cuando hablamos

puedo ver un despejo

en ti veo mi reflejo


Eres un alma

tal como yo

eres quien me calma

puedo irme a donde sea

eres quien me calma


Un baso de agua,

una linda mañana

eres un alma

el unico que me calma


Susurro tú nombre

sueño con tenerte

no se como ni cuando

pero un dia llegaste tú

y saciaste mi  hambre.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


Enrique Iglesias, one of my favorite Latin music artists once explained in an interview that some of his songs are born in Spanish and others in English. I feel the same way when I write my poems  Today I wrote this poem and I was tempted to translate it for my English speakers. I refrained because I believe as my daughter Elena once quoted, “Poetry is like love, you don’t have to understand it, to feel it.”


Aqui estoy arrebatada. 
Me siento inutil,
Y un poco pesada
Me pesa mi alma por que no te tengo.
Me pesa el Corazon por que estas lejos.
Lejos, leeejjjjooos de mi
Tu amada:
La que te ama de verdad.
Sin falsedad.
Que hago?
Que pienso?
Es aun muy temprano.

Eres mi projimo y mi hermano,

Un alguien lindo,

Precioso ser humano.

Simplemente se que te amo.


-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

Simplemente se que te amo.

To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish

To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish
by Eva Santiago

“What do these famous authors and their novels listed here have in common? Mark Twain– Huckleberry Finn, John GrishamA Time to Kill, Walt Whitman-Leaves of Grass, Richard Paul EvansThe Christmas Box , Beatrix Potter- Creator of The Peter Rabbit series and Julia Childthe Joy of Cooking. These are among the many famous authors who self-published their works first then went on to become best sellers. These writers never gave up after receiving numerous rejection letters from publishing houses. So they took a stab at it an did it themselves. What followed for them was that once they self published, the publishers took note and picked up their self published work.

Before I had written one word of my first book, As Clear as Claire Gets, A Conversation with the Past, I did my home work. I was astonished to find that one of my favorite writers, Mark Twain had gone through the self publishing process. Would a major publisher take note of my work? But then I read a long list of other authors who had done the same thing and I thought, ‘ There’s obviously something to this! ‘ So heck yeah, I went for it! I self published my first book,which is my life story. As Clear as Claire Gets,is a legacy to my family. I didn’t promote it much and I did sell some copies. I also have it in a couple of libraries here in town. I was hoping to use it as a stepping stone and it did work that way. As Clear as Claire Gets, is long because I didn’t have the money to hire a professional editor. But alas, the writing business is a learning process like no other right?
A year and a half after my first book, I finished my second manuscript. Salsa! The Taste of Life, is a volume of mostly short stories with some poetry. I was thinking of self publishing again; I seriously had my doubts about sending it anyplace. One of my daughters kept telling me that she thought it was very good and that I ought to send it in to a publisher. I was terrified of those terrible rejection letters so I said no way. But I started looking around on line and I was overwhelmed with the whole process of having to have a literary agent in order to even pitch anything to most major publishers. So I kept looking and then I found Tate Publishing; one of the very few publishers left who still take manuscripts without all the hassle. So I sent them my manuscript and held my breath for several weeks. Six weeks later I received the news of my life: We want to publish Salsa! , the email read. They also informed me that out of hundreds of manuscripts they receive every year, they only publish 4% of those. I had made the cut, I was elated!So what have I learned from self publishing verses traditional publishing? Well for one, I had an editor assigned to help me polish my work and I thoroughly enjoyed it because it helped me see my writing in a new light. I also lost the fear of having my project scrutinized by the editor’s professional eye and realized she was there to help me take my writing to a whole new level. When I self published I had no idea what to do to market my book. Now, I am being trained by Tate Publishing so I can learn how to get my book out there. They invested in me so now they are going to do their best to make sure I do well because if Salsa! Succeeds it’s good news for them.

Self publishing gave me a tremendous confidence that I never had before and traditional publishing took that confidence I already had to a whole new level.- EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012″