My daughter wrote this as her way of paying tribute to the victims of Colorado’s massacre. We must listen to our young people!

I am a sore sight for your eyes

Early Friday morning at 12:38am. 12 people lost their lives. A gunman came into a movie theater in Aurora Colorado and opened fire. Killing 12, and injuring 58. Among the dead was a 6-year-old.

When I hear of events like this, I become depressed. Sad is too light of a word to state how I feel. I can’t help think, “Who would do something like this?” 

Not only does this cruel man’s actions affect the family members of the dead and injured, but it affects us as a nation.


Because now that this happened, the government is going to try to come in and tell us, “See this is why we enforce gun laws.”
And that’s what they are going to try to do. They are going to try to take away those rights as well. We can’t let that happen. Think about it, if these stupid…

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365 Snap Shots of Life Day: 204

 Salsa! The Taste of Life, my new book is soon to be released and here is another one of my edited poems. Life is a dance! Some of us move and flow with the music. Others have a hard time following or even keeping up at all. Enjoy your day with your loved ones as you read this poem ask yourself, when was the last time I really let my hair down and danced? If you haven’t, and it’s been a while, just go for it. if you are like me who is still dancing after everything life has thrown at me, then grab someone’s hand who hasn’t danced in a while and dance! 

Dancin’ Shoes

Pointe Shoes


Teach me Your dance,

show me Your steps.

Put Your rhythms in my feet,

make me follow Your beat,

make me follow Your lead.

I want to dance to the sounds,

of Your holy music.

You initiated this pas de deux long ago;

Pas de Deux

as You formed me in seclusion.

I’m just now awakening,

to the joyous serenade.

All my life I waited and waited,

for the dance to commence.

It began on the day that You took my hand,

and invited me to dance;

now I know I will tango, mambo,


paso doble,

Paso Doble


Salsa Dance

my way into eternity.

I will not be a mere guest,

because I am already a member in this heavenly ball!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012